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Top Wiley X Snow Safety Sunglasses To Wear In 2024

Top Wiley X Snow Safety Sunglasses To Wear In 2024

Thinking of buying sports eyewear that offers a top-notch visual experience in winter? Look no further. Wiley X is a renowned brand offering ANSI-rated eyeglasses that inspire a sporty look with cutting-edge safety features. With the right pair of protective glasses, you can perform at your level best whether you’re scaling or skiing down the snowcapped mountains.


You need proper protective gear that prevents any serious hazards from harming your eyes. Sports-related eye injuries are quite common among people, occurring as much as in thousands each year. Therefore, a need for high-quality protective eyewear exists. In the same vein, this article lists some of the coolest Wiley X Safety Glasses that will make your winter excursions worthwhile.


  1. Wiley X Saber Advanced

If you’re someone who prefers wearing goggles that aren’t too heavy on your face, Wiley X Saber Advanced is the eyewear to go with. These tactical goggles come in a sleek design with a very lean design that isn’t heavy on your face. The frame is in a wrap-around shape that offers sporty aesthetics & a better lateral view. This shape is available in all Wiley X glasses.


Moreover, you can remove the strap & attach temples with frames for your convenience. To protect your eyes from snow blindness during winter, smoke grey lenses provide ample glare reduction to give strain-free vision. The lenses are made out of polycarbonate material which provides 100% protection against UV A & B types of rays.


  1. Wiley X PT-1

These half-rimmed glasses will keep your eyes protected no matter how harsh the prevailing conditions are. Wiley X PT-1 is the go-to choice for winter sports athletes who don’t want to compromise on their looks while wearing any personal protective gear. These glasses come in three distinct lens colors, each having its light transmission levels to suit your vision needs.


The frame’s temple tips are curved to perfection to let your glasses sit on your face without falling or sliding forward from your face. Moreover, the rubberized nose grips allow a snug fit that will let your glasses perch on your nose regardless of how often you move your head. On the whole, these glasses are great for almost all seasons rather than winters only due to their functional design & superior optical experience.  


  1. Wiley X Gravity

These are full-on stylish safety sunglasses that come with a removable facial cavity seal. The very gasket protects against any fine particles such as dust, peripheral wind & other foreign objects that may be a source of intrusion into your eyes.


Feel free to add prescription lenses in Wiley X Gravity if you need vision correction. Doing so will let you enjoy crisp visual acuity that doesn’t make you look like a nerd. After all, with Wiley X, adding RX lenses to sporty eyewear is easier than ever. The frame is made out of plastic & includes polycarbonate lenses. As a result, you don’t have to worry much about your glasses getting heavy. Overall, these sunglasses are an easy pick if you want to make the most out of your journeys in the snow.

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