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What are ANSI Safety Glasses?

What are ANSI Safety Glasses?

ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute.


It is a not for profit organization that works to improve the efficiency of organizations.


It also ensures adequate protective measures are taken in factories and other places where people have to work alongside heavy and dangerous machinery.


Similarly, the 3M Safety Glasses phrase come to mind because with the standard safety protocols set by the institute, it guarantees that al measurements set by it can provide the best protection at times of trouble.


The safety glasses manufacturers are required to follow the defined standards so that people around the globe can instill their trust in those products.


The commonest hazardous impacts recognized by ANSI are:


Blunt impact: caused by some flying object or a projectile that can damage the eye upon impact.


Radiation: it can come from many sources. The most commonly known is the sun which emits the UV rays that clearly harm the eyes.


Splashes and droplets: liquid chemicals can splash while handling. Even a droplet that falls into the eyes can cause irreversible damage.


Dust: micro particles blowing up in the air due to saws, wind, fans and other machines cause serious irritation to the eyes. Rubbing the eyes with a particle inside can damage the eyes and may result into serious injury.

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