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What is the Correct Way of Wearing Aviator Sunglasses?

What is the Correct Way of Wearing Aviator Sunglasses?

Do you prefer to follow current trends or stick to your path? You are losing out on a lot if sunglasses aren't a part of your wardrobe in either scenario! Without question, one of the most recognizable designs of polarized sunglasses is the aviator. They are timeless and have been in fashion for a very long time! Everyone can rock a set of aviator sunglasses because they're the ideal addition to dress up any ensemble! We're here to share all the style tips for aviator sunglasses with all of you aviator enthusiasts.

A Brief Overview of Aviators' History

Are you aware of the origins of the aviator sunglasses' popularity? 1936 was the start of the tale. To protect pilots from the sun, the US Army Air Corps ordered the luxurious American/Italian business Ray-Ban to create sunglasses. The reason behind the creation of these was to prepare the pilots for World War II, as the intense radiation was causing headaches and sickness in them.

They eventually produced a sizable pair of glasses with green lenses and thin wireframes. Thus, the history of the aviators begins. The sunglasses went on sale to the general public a year later. In 1942, the front page of the newspaper featured images of General Douglas MacArthur throughout the conflict. He had on his aviators as he landed on the Philippine beach. That being said, it took a few years for the stylish frames to gain popularity.

The public went crazy when celebrities started using them. Which icons are they, can you guess? In the 1960s, Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, two British band members of The Beatles, were captured with aviator sunglasses. Years later, in 1985, lead vocalist Freddie Mercury of Queen used them for the cover of their album. That was how the sunglasses made their debut in popular culture.

That was genuinely sparked by a particular film. Who could forget the iconic roles that Hollywood stars Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise played as Air Force officers in the hit film Top Gun? Do not inquire as to what transpired subsequently. Simply having the sunglasses nearby is a solution in and of itself.

Which Face Shape Looks Greatest with Aviator Sunglasses?

One may wonder if choosing fashionable aviators should take your face shape into account while looking for frames. That is beyond question!

One of the greatest important factors in determining whether or not a certain pair of specs will look nice on you is your face. The purpose of the sunglasses is to soften the features on your face. So, the first thing to do is find out what shape your face is. It is easy to choose fashionable sunglasses if you are familiar with your facial features.

We promise that both men and women with oval, diamond, round, rectangular, square, oblong, and heart-shaped faces will look great in these fashionable aviators.

Tips for Styling Aviator Sunglasses

The majority of folks might avoid aviators. They simply are unaware of how to carry aviator sunglasses, which is the cause. But we all know that the possibilities are endless in the world of fashion. The same applies to accessories like sunglasses. It is thought of them as statement makers. 

Contrary to popular thought, anyone can look fine wearing and styling aviator sunglasses. If you wear the correct sunglasses but have the wrong attitude, you'll appear to be trying too hard. As a result, we've put up a list of six things to consider before purchasing a new pair of aviators.

Here are the dos and don'ts when wearing aviator sunglasses:

  • Take off your sunglasses when conversing with someone: aviator styles are recognized for having reflective black lenses. So take them out so you don't look like a jerk.
  • Even when dining outside, take off your sunglasses when you greet people and then take them back on.
  • Opt for traditional hues: A gold frame Tom Ford FT 0823 paired with rose gold or pink lenses is a timeless pairing.

The following are not to do when wearing aviator sunglasses:

  • Do not wear them indoors, not even during the day.
  • Don't overdo the accessories: stay away from wearing large, bulky rings, gold bracelets, or necklaces.
  • Let go of the belief that you must wear the original form. If your face is too big for your aviators, you should prefer small-size Aviator sunglasses.

Tom Ford FT 0823

Various Years, Same Style of Aviators

Before discussing the best ways to dress in aviators, it's important to remember that eyewear companies all around the world provide distinctive styles and aviator frame interpretations. This traditional look has even become a serious competitor for wayfarers. There is a wide variety of sizes and hues of aviator sunglasses to choose from.

But if you walk down a nostalgic path, you'll see that the shape itself remains constant. If you conduct your study, you'll discover the same shape even though there may be small variations. Have you ever paused to consider why this was the design chosen? As previously stated, the sunglasses were originally designed for pilots in World War II.

Large teardrop-shaped glasses shield pilots' eyes from the sun while enabling them to gaze down on their control panels. To further protect the pilots' eyes from perspiration when firing aerial foes, a straight top bar, sometimes known as a brow bar, is incorporated.

Even if styles have changed, you can still see particular features in sunglasses:

  • A lens that is twice as big as the socket of the eye
  • Modifiable nose pads
  • A thin, triple- or double-bridged metal frame
  • Temples that attach behind the ears in the manner of a cable or earpiece
  • Teardrop-shaped lenses that arc around the cheekbones

Various Designs and Components of Aviator Sunglasses

There's a reason why men tend to go on eyewear shopping binges with aviators as their first pick. Everybody aspires to be a Tom Cruise impersonator. Men so gravitate toward it. But not everyone can look great in the original form. Were you aware that there were various varieties of black aviator sunglasses such as Tom Ford FT 0753 sunglasses?

  • Traditional Teardrop: This form offers the greatest and most protection from the sun. Here's a little advice for those with lengthy faces. Avoid attempting the original shape.
  • Explorer: Rather than having a teardrop shape, the 2nd type leans more toward a square shape. Men with longer faces work better with these types of sunglasses shape.
  • Sporty: Businesses are taking consumers' lifestyles into account. These are beneficial if you are an energetic person who enjoys going on excursions or simply running errands. Wider lenses and squared bottoms are features of sporty aviators.

Tom Ford FT 0753

Turning now to the subject matter, were you aware that the very first set of aviators were fashioned from real gold? Hence the sunglasses come with 3 distinct material options:

  • Meta Frames for Aviators: They are robust and lightweight. These sunglasses most likely resemble the original design the most. For those desiring a timeless pair of aviators, metal Aviator Kate Spade Avaline/S US frames are the preferred option.
  • Acetate frames are preferable if you intend to use your plastic aviator glasses for an extended period. Along with are they cozy, but they also hold colors well, are hypoallergenic, and are incredibly durable. If you require a lot of time outside, these frames are ideal. They come in a wide variety of hues, designs, and styles. For additional UV protection, you might use big aviator Tom Ford FT 0836 sunglasses.
  • Wood Aviator Frames: If you want your sunglasses unique from the crowd, choose these frames. They blend modern and enhanced materials with a traditional frame design. Consider investing in wooden sunglasses, which are both durable and fashionable.

Tom Ford FT 0836 Sunglasses

Selecting Lenses for Aviator Sunglasses

Choose your aviator lenses wisely. The material and tint have an impact on how you perform and are perceived by others.

  • Gray, black, and green. The broadest spectrum of outdoor light, including sunny, partly overcast, foggy, and low light, is well-suited for these lens colors.
  • Amber/brown. Although you can distinguish between distinct hues better with these lens tints than with black, gray, or green, they are less flexible. They work best on days that are partially cloudy and sunny.

You have greater freedom with lenses that block sun radiation at the top while allowing you to see greater detail in the lower area of vision. These lenses are darker at the upper portion and lighter at the bottom.

  • Polarized. Polarized lenses are frequently needed in high-glare areas including highways, beaches, and ski slopes.
  • Mirrored: These are especially helpful for driving in the late afternoon or during a downpour. Mirrored lenses are worn by test pilots, astronauts, and skiers because they reflect sun radiation and offer the best protection. Selecting mirrored lenses in social situations should be done carefully since they might be intimidating.

The timeless charm of aviator sunglasses is highlighted by all of these elements. They are comfy and light, making them ideal for both work and pleasure. They exude a sense of collected composure. It will be difficult to find a greater combination of fashion and functionality in any kind of sunglasses.

How to Wear and Style Sunglasses?

While it is obvious that everyone loves to follow trends, each person has a classic sense of attire and accessories that they prefer. Wearing sunglasses is quite simple, but the key is to avoid appearing overly forced. You are not interested in conveying the incorrect idea. Thus, keep these simple suggestions and strategies in mind to draw attention to yourself.

Men's Aviator Glasses Frames:

Gentlemen, let us draw your attention to this: despite their widespread popularity, some people find it challenging to style aviator glasses. What are the appropriate uses and misuses of aviator sunglasses? What we can give you is this:

Aviator glasses look great with solid-colored clothing:

  • You can dress formally or even casually in a business suit. Either way, everyone will be staring at you!
  • Beards and goatees are two facial hairstyles that go nicely with Aviator Tom FordFT0334 sunglasses. Thus, do not attempt to remove it!
  • Don't pair aviator spectacles with gaudy jewelry; the frames already have enough of that.
  • Stay away from gaudy suits with printed or fluorescent fabrics. Keep in mind to go for understated yet endearing looks.

Tom FordFT0334

Women's Aviator Sunglasses

Friends, you are aware that women work twice as hard to present themselves as elegant and self-assured. Did you realize that there is a real difference in the way your hair looks? The following are the best hairstyles you can effortlessly pull off to showcase your aviator sunglasses:

  • Bangs: Make bangs for a carefree appearance. However, because their length is determined by your face, they can be challenging. Bangs are quite popular among women since they are simple to style and draw attention to the eyes on your face. Your aviators will undoubtedly be seen as a result.
  • Braids: Who declared that tiny girls should wear braids? You'll see that there are several braid kinds and styles if you search online. All of them complement your sunglasses nicely. Your fashionable aviator sunglasses will become the center of attention as soon as your hair is out of your face. So, fishtail or French braid come to mind?
  • Top Bun: A lot of people love this one. You may easily wrap it back in a bun when you feel nothing like doing anything. You may also choose a low one! However, a high knot is better in the summer. It's an easy hairdo that works for every woman. You might sprinkle in some hair ornaments. Don't go overboard, please; the stylish aviators should be your main attraction.


Pilots are typically accurate and self-assured. That's the atmosphere you should aim to project as well. What kind of clothes go well with an aviator? Let's split up into two teams, one for men and one for women.

Women Go Ahead

Now that you have a clear understanding of what to wear for the hair section, choose your go-to style and choose what casual dress you want to wear with it. Women need to think about things a little more.

If we had to give you style advice right away, we would say to go with a basic T-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers or sandals with your aviators. You could wear a scarf with straps as an accessory.

  • Try a stunning white t-shirt tucked in with a vibrantly colored skirt for a more contemporary appearance, or switch it up for fall with some slacks and a turtleneck sweater.
  • If you want to look edgy, wear all black—black clothing, a black leather jacket, and black Tomford sunglasses.
  • Wear simple jewelry like thin necklaces, bracelets, or earrings and solid-colored clothing to achieve several stylistic goals.

Now, For Our Gentlemen:

There's no denying that you can pull off an amazing look with aviator sunglasses and any kind of ensemble. Are you curious about the greatest style techniques? Everything starts with the place you are visiting.

  • Nothing looks better for business wear in a meeting than a perfectly cut suit. You'll feel like a million dollars when you wear your aviator sunglasses.
  • You can wear a simple outfit consisting of a blazer, shirt, and slacks if the event is a little less casual, like a brunch.

We suggest wearing your aviator with a pair of blue denim, a basic white t-shirt, and sneakers for an everyday errand.

Watches compliment aviators perfectly for our men's style looks. We suggest you follow the females if you like the idea of a jewelry person; nothing fancy, just plain. Alternatively, you can switch things up by wearing your baseball cap. The first widely worn sunglasses to make a lasting impression on the fashion world were aviator sunglasses.

You will realize that these sunglasses frames are classic if you consider that aviators will still be in style in 2024.

Get ready to rock.

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