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Why Progressive Lenses Are Better Than Bifocals

Why Progressive Lenses Are Better Than Bifocals

Progressive Eyeglasses lens:

If your age is more than 40 and you are trying to see smaller objects clearly, you need a progressive lens. Progressive eyeglasses lenses have the same look as single-vision lenses. They give you a clear view from all distances. The power of progressive lenses changes gradually from point to point on the surface of a lens. That’s why they give the correct power to the lens for seeing objects.

A bifocal lens has two power lenses, the upper half for the distance view and the lower half for the near distance view. The point where two distinct lens powers meet is represented by a visible line called a bifocal line. Now, most Prescription Safety Glasses have progressive lenses.

Progressive lenses are also called no-line bifocals because they have no visible line. A progressive lens has a more advanced multifocal design than bifocals and trifocals.

Benefits of Progressive Lenses:

Mostly multifocal eyeglasses are needed after the age of 40.  This is the age where aging changes into presbyopia and reduces visibility. With presbyopia, progressive lenses have more significant importance than bifocals and trifocals. These lenses give you a clear view at a distance of 16 inches from your eyes. You should progressive lenses in your RX Safety Glasses. Progressive lenses have many lens power and gradually changes from point to point across the lens’s surface.

The multifocal progressive lenses offer many benefits like,

  • As there is no visible line in progressive eyeglasses lenses, they give a clear appearance. They give more clarity than bifocals and trifocals lenses.
  • Premium progressive lenses are considered best comfortable to wear.
  • They remove jump images that are caused in bifocals and trifocals lenses. Because of the visible line, the image changes its appearance as the eyes move across the visible line. These benefits are also present in WileyX Safety Glasses.
  • They give clear vision at all distances.
  • Standard progressive lenses give a wide area for reading.
  • In short corridor progressive lenses, you need a smaller frame size.
  • A custom design of premium progressive lenses can easily fit any frame and prescription. They are easier to adapt and do not give a swim effect. They do not give a dizzy feeling with head movement.
  • Transition progressive lenses are very helpful at both indoor and outdoor places with one pair of glasses. They adjust the changing light conditions.
  • Computer progressive lenses give visual comfort. They prevent eyestrain as well. With a regular progressive lens for a computer, you have to hold your head and stiff neck to see anything. 3M Eagle Safety Glasses also protect from eyestrain.
  • Ground-view progressive lenses give an area of the bottom and sides of the lens for clear vision. They give a clear view when looking at the ground, driving, or using a computer. These eyeglasses lenses are best for golfers as they have to look at the ball in the air and ground as well. They give clear vision at an intermediate length. However, a regular progressive lens can give a blurry image between two places.

Mostly, the latest progressive lenses with modern technology, are considered best for multifocal vision correction. Because people don’t like old-fashioned visible lines on the lenses. These lenses give an excellent view of distant objects. Reading Prescription Eyeglasses also come in progressive lenses.

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