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Your Guide To Football Safety Gear For Kids

Your Guide To Football Safety Gear For Kids

Your child’s safety should matter more than anything in this world for you. An adequate amount of protective gear is imperative when your kid is playing out there in the field. Sports injuries occur every year in very large numbers. According to the Vision Council of America, two hundred thousand eye injuries occur in children each year. Experts believe that wearing high-quality prescription safety glasses is the ultimate remedy to prevent eye injuries.

Football is a high contact sport involving a lot of aggression. Hence, safety becomes an important aspect especially for kids involved in this sport. In the same vein, this guide will help you in keeping a comprehensive checklist of essential personal protective equipment required to play football safely.

A Helmet With Gum shield

Probably one of the most important protective accessories for your head & mouth. The helmet comes with an additional plastic shield to protect your face. It is made up of hard plastic that does the job of protecting your head against any physical trauma. Before playing, ensure that your youngling fastens the chinstrap that will enable a snug fit for your face. The accompanying mouthguard will protect your child’s teeth. You can consult a dentist to get an exact measurement for a proper fit.

Safety Glasses

For youngsters who suffer from some sort of vision correction, Wiley X Safety Glasses offer Youth Force series that is made for little ones who want their eyewear to be durable & good looking simultaneously. As all Wiley X eyeglasses are ANSI Z87.1 rated, you don’t have to worry about your child’s eyewear getting shattered easily due to a high impact accident. Hence, by all means, you should get a high grade branded eyewear that guarantees a respectable level of safety assurance with the option to include RX lenses as well.

Thigh & Knee Pads

They provide vital protection to joints in lower limbs from any trauma that could potentially lead to a long term injury. Kids at this stage of their life can’t afford a devastating injury that’s detrimental to their self-esteem and confidence. It makes sense to buy your kids the best protective gear you can afford.


Besides having a reliable pair of sports safety glasses, buying cleats or studs are essential for having a firm grip on the ground & avoid any inadvertent slipping. Most shoes are made out of leather hence are flexible enough for children who always outgrow their gear. Nevertheless, getting them a good quality pair of shoes is a must for football.

Other Protective Gear

Youngsters can wear any other safety gear such as goggles for additional protection. Safety goggles provide a greater protective overlay on the face. Moreover, Wiley X Safety Goggles come with an elastic strap that anyone could wear without any problems. They protect the eyes from any peripheral wind, dust, fine particles & other foreign objects. On the whole, little champs need to enjoy their sport without having to worry about any injuries impeding their health & confidence.

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