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5 Important Things to Know About the Anti-reflect Coating On Eyeglasses

5 Important Things to Know About the Anti-reflect Coating On Eyeglasses

If you have a pair of prescription safety glasses of the last decades, you undoubtedly heard about Anti-reflect coating. Do you know, what exactly the meaning of Anti-reflect coating? It is essential for you to know about this coating and maybe you will want this coating in your next eyewear. Before getting new anti-reflected pair of eyewear, consider some facts about this coating on glasses.

  1.      Anti-reflect coating cut glare:

AR-coating is also known as non-glare that is applied to the lens surface. The main purpose of this coating is to eliminate the amount of glare that is produced from reflected light. Wiley x safety glasses are available with this coating and protect your eyes from hazards reflection. This coating allows the light to enter into your lenses by giving clear and sharp vision.

  1.      AR-coating help to reduce eye strain:

As AR-coating allow more light to enter into your lenses to eyes, so your eyes become relax while wearing eyeglasses. Sharper and clear vision reduce eye strain that makes hard to see. With a busy life, for making careers, and increasing demand for technology, blue light produce eye strain and fatigue. Why don’t you apply AR-coating on your eyeglasses for keeping your eyes comfortable? You can get 3m safety glasses with AR coating for your any hazard applications.

  1.      AR-coating is different from Anti-scratch coating:

Many people consider AR-coating same as Anti-scratch coating but both have a lot of difference. New advanced AR-coating has been designed for more scratch resistant. Many manufacturers are offering a scratch warranty on AR-coating. In this way, if your lenses become scratch, they can easily be replaced for a new coating.

  1.      All AR-coatings are not the same:

Basically, AR-coating varies according to different needs for specific people with their specific lifestyles. So before applying this coating, must mention your task for which you are applying this coating.

  1.      AR-coating eliminates the appearance of glare on your lenses:

Have you ever take a picture with wearing glasses? After seeing a picture, you may notice something wrong with your eyes. Most often under certain lights and in photos, the light reflects off your lenses and make it difficult to see in your lenses. But AR-coating helps to reduce the appearance of glare on the surface of your lenses.

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