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Armourx Safety Glasses

Browse & Shop from ANSI Z87.1 & CSA 294.3 compliant Armourx Safety Glasses. This is the ideal option for those who want to enjoy shatterproof confidence & look good at the same time. There is a huge assortment of high-grade safety eyewear by Armourx right here on Eyeweb. All safety glasses by Armourx come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Why Armourx Is Considered Best?

Armourx Safety Glasses are best known for their undisputed protection to the eyes in every situation. When you need to protect your eyes from potential threats at work or any other place, you can count on ArmourX. We have a huge collection of the brand with all the latest models at affordable prices. The company offers various trendy style, and excellent colors range both for men and women. You can find the complete designs on our website and have them customized to your needs. If you are looking to have your prescription lenses installed in them, it is not a problem with us.


We have an ample stock of RX safety glasses with frames also. These glasses have a stylish look and useful for all working place. Side Shield is accessible on most designs to protect your eyes against any official place. They provide high-quality prescription safety glasses that are made by sound material. They have a good collection of sizes, colors, and styles at low prices. You can get just frame and easily replace with your Prescription Glasses. It has the specialty of lightweight and durability. Eyeweb provides the best collection online for eyewear to protect your eyes against all known and unknown dangers because we cannot take any risk with your eyes.


Eyes are a valuable gift for all of us and we help you keep them safe so we have precious stock of safety eyeglasses that will suit both style and budget. Most people are keen to buy the Glasses Online, and we are more concern about you. Now you will work without any eye resistance from our great safety collections.


Nowadays with the high involvement of fashion people prefer more Armourx Safety Glasses. Due to brand awareness among many persons, we stock a good collection of designer eyeglasses. Trust us you are not going to be disappointed in our designer stock. Our safety glasses prescription not only protect you from flying projectiles but also from harmful UV rays that are very dangerous for eyes. These glasses give you protection when need most at any place in any situation. Protective eyewear is essential for both eyes and eyesight for better work performance. The cause of an accident is due to carelessness. Do not keep your eyes on the risk of losing the eyesight and save your precious eyes by our renown safety eyewear.


We also have a large verity of safety eyewear frames according to your choice. These are lightweight in wearing and made from the best material. When searching for Prescription Safety Glasses Eyeweb offers best quality protection products and gives a clear vision of your eyes at the working area. We have a large variety of styles and designs suitable to handle dangerous situations for all types of environment. In safety glasses, design and quality are more concerning areas, and we have a focused lot on it.  If you are one to wear Prescription Safety Glasses and want to enhance your vision.


Armourx is bringing fashion and safety the first time in the eyewear industry. The Armourx collection has combined unique and versatile design with the latest fashion for glasses in the job place. Armourx was established by Canada’s leading specs companies. With a wide-ranging background in producing eyewear which is fashion-forward and has high-quality technique therefor the eyewear of this brand are functional and stylish. Each model offers standardized eyes safety for the work setting. With Armourx collection, look trendy and feel comfy from Metro, Titanium, and Wrap Rx safety glasses from classic to basic.


  • The Wrap-Rx collection:

The first time, the wrap collection has combined with the latest trend and function. The safety structure of the integrated side shield, top quality material, and available accessories make these models perfect for all hazards workplace. One thing more, you can take advantage of such safety eyewear for both indoor and outdoor environments.

  • The basic collection:

In the basic collection, the minimal design has combined with primary colors for creating safety frames that are easy to wear. All collection shapes are complimenting and just ideal for all face cuts. For getting a simple and sophisticated look, the basic collection is perfect.

  • The classic collection:

In the classic collection, the unique skill has combined the durability and comfort with timeless designs. The up to date contours just approach classic design and give a polish and tasteful finish that are going to approve for any age group.

  • The Metro collection:

In the field of the eyewear industry, the Metro collection is providing unique designs and the latest modern style with high durability and performance. A dared and elegant collection is designed for the fashion conscious. Feel comfortable with this street fashion ANSI safety glasses that are the best combination of safety for working area and fashion for an entertaining world.

  • The Titanium collection:

This amazing collection provides you great strength and support that you require on the worksite without feeling any pressure on eyes and nose. You can trust these lightweights and modern design prescription safety glasses for even your toughest job.


Side shield for covering whole eye area:

Eyes protection is essential for hazards to the workplace and all Armourx frames are available with side shields for better protection. All Armourx side shields have the following features;

  • Tested under all ANSI standards
  • Resistance to the lens against any chemicals cleaning
  • Long-lasting that will not crack over time

Mostly removable side shields as a separate accessory are ordered and all side shields have made to fit for a specific frame. While the side shields that are attached permanently with the frame, they are fixed with a decorative pin. Because permanently attached side shields are fixed at the factory, so you don’t need to worry about any extra parts or pins that you needed. No need to assemble them. All frames of Armourx can get in two configurations with removable and permanent side shields. So the model number is also different for both configurations. Armourx brands safety glasses don’t come with the replacement of front or even temples. In case, if any frame is damaged and needs major component replacement, it is impossible to replace if a whole frame’s integrity was compromised. Because these things make the frames unsafe for eyes at any workplace.


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