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    Find The Best Safety Glasses for Bifocals 

    If you are thinking of getting prescription lenses into your frames, then you may have a few options beforehand. Getting RX lenses depends on what kind of vision condition you have. It is not uncommon for people to suffer from both near & farsightedness. Hence, to cater to this you need all-around eyewear that offers solutions apt for viewing objects that are both near & far. Bifocals Safety Glasses are one option that lets you view objects at varying distances without actually having to switch between different glasses.


    Why Bifocals are a Great Option?

    There are many merits associated with wearing bifocals. Top-notch eyewear such as the 3M offers BX readers that come with a reading enhancement. It has a magnifying diopter (with a +1.5 Index) for reading any fine print or manuals. Nevertheless, some of the advantages are:


    • Best of Both Worlds

    Bifocals are the ideal solution for those who don’t want to keep juggling between two glasses just to see clearly. It's one of those few options that let you see clearly with one pair of glasses. Aging is a natural process that causes presbyopia among many folks. Hence, it makes every bit of sense to buy a one-size-fits-all solution that works in multiple situations.


    • Save You Money

    Getting bifocal lenses in your eyewear may initially seem like an expensive option. However, it is far better than actually buying two separate glasses. Having a corrective solution for both near & farsightedness, remains a cost-effective option. On the other hand, Progressive Lenses can also be a bit too expensive for most people.


    • Larger Viewing Area

    Bifocals, following single-vision lenses, have the largest area for viewing objects at different distances. By contrast, trifocals make the viewing area of the lens extremely narrow & sometimes too distorted to see clearly. This makes the former a viable choice when it comes to having multiple lenses integrated into one.


    Getting bifocal safety eyewear is not a problem. There are tons of options made available by top-notch brands such as Wiley X & 3M which let you add RX lenses to your glasses. Moreover, there are other safety attributes associated with buying high-quality protective eyeglasses


    ANSI Z787.1 Certified

    This means that glass lenses would not shatter after sustaining high velocity or volume impact during an accident. Hence, having ANSI approval is fundamental if your protective eyewear guarantees protection.

    All glasses on our website are ANSI approved thus offering the required level of safety assurance as prescribed by ANSI following the OSHA’s standards. Even if you want your glasses to have RX lenses in them, there’s no need to worry about their durability.

    Polycarbonate material, used in most safety glasses, is a vital component that is ten times stronger than glass or plastic. It is also light in weight which means you can add high-index lenses without having to worry about your glasses getting overbearingly heavy. On the whole, bifocals made out of polycarbonate are an excellent choice for your vision.

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