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Best Rx Safety Glasses For Your Prescription Type

Best Rx Safety Glasses For Your Prescription Type

It’s often a challenge to choose the perfect eyewear that supports your own vision correction lenses, this is why you need to read this guide that will help you make the right decision regarding protective eyeglasses. If you still have a feeling that you’re missing out on buying frames that will keep your eyes protected, don’t worry because we’ve some great recommendations for you.

Deciding Your Prescription

There are varying levels of prescription that can be classified as either low, medium or high. The prescription index depends on the power of your lens required to correct any refractive errors. This is defined by the word ‘total power’ which is a combination of sphere & cylinder correction. If both of them are entirely in either negative or positive, you need to add them both up to calculate your total power. On the other hand, if their signs are different, you need to choose the sphere number as your prescription number.

Top branded eyewear such as Pentax Safety Glasses offers support for a variety of prescription numbers due to a huge variety of designs available in their frames. The glasses can range from classic rectangle shapes to sporty wraparound ones that will let you have the best optical experience in terms of stylish looks & visual clarity. If you’re on the lookout to buy top drawer eyewear available with prescription lenses, here are a few options worth considering.

3M ZT200

An excellent choice for most situations involving work, sports or play. Like all high-quality safety eyeglasses, Pentax ZT200 comes with ANSI Z87.1 rating that promises shatterproof protection against high impact accidents that are quite prevalent in industrial jobs. The polycarbonate lenses help provide the required amount of protection against UV A & B types of rays along with the additional robustness that is ten times greater than normal glass or plastic.

Feel free to add prescription lenses for protection & functionality in terms of enjoying accurate vision. You could even add a lens coating that will surely improve your overall optical experience. Overall, these prescription safety glasses are great for experiencing all-round safety features that compromise with aesthetics.

Wiley X Boss

For outdoor enthusiasts & sportspeople, these sunglasses come with all the amazing features that you could imagine in your regular cheaters with the added option of polarized lenses. Wiley X Boss offers the best polarization with its Filter 8 Technology that comes in Venice gold mirror lenses.

However, if you feel like adding prescription lenses in them, no worries. You can even choose your favorite colors that fit your needs. Each color has it’s own light transmission levels, suited for the type of environment you’re in. For instance, in bright, sunny conditions you might want to go with darker shades with low transmission levels to see better in broad daylight. On the whole, these glasses have everything you need in order to get the best experience possible during any sport that you’re performing in.

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