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Best Shooting Glasses To Gift Others This Christmas 2023

Best Shooting Glasses To Gift Others This Christmas 2023

Christmas is just around the corner which is why you should be thinking about getting the best eyewear for your shooting aficionados. Whether you’re practicing your targets out in the open or inside an enclosed rifle range, both circumstances entail risks that could damage your eyes. You never know when the worst might come for it often comes in unexpected ways. For instance, the gunpowder particles may lead to the rupturing of the cornea. Furthermore, a small flash or a muzzle can leave you temporarily blinded. Another – fairly distant but very much possible – scenario would be of a bullet ricocheting into the eye inside a shooting range. For the sake of protection against such physical trauma accidents, a reliable pair of safety sunglasses is imperative here.

According to research done by the National Trauma Data Bank, almost a thousand firearms-related eye injuries were reported. Hence, it becomes even more important to wear personal protective gear for eyes that provide a sufficient amount of safety assurance. To help you choose the perfect shooting glasses, we’ve listed some of the best options to gift your loved ones their favorite eyewear this Christmas.


Wiley X Saber Advanced

This eyewear has everything you need to enjoy the best possible optical experience when busting a cap. Wiley X Saber Advanced will keep your eyes protected with its shatterproof selenite lenses that are made out of polycarbonate material. If you’re shooting outdoors, polycarbonate lenses would help to completely block out UV rays that cause illnesses like macular degeneration or cataracts.

You get to choose from a variety of distinct lens colors; namely light rust; smoke grey; vermillion, yellow  & clear lenses. If you’re indoors, clear lenses would do more good as they allow the maximum amount of light through them. On the other hand, smoke grey lenses have a low percentage of light transmission that helps in reducing glare for a comfortable view even when the sun is shining bright. Overall, these glasses provide style with substance to the wearer on any given day.


Wiley X Agile

Wiley X Agile gives you the versatility you need for awe-inspiring looks & flexibility to view in most lighting conditions when being outdoors. A comfortable feel & high-grade durability are the staple features offered by this eyewear. The temple tips are curved to provide a snug fit that won’t let your glasses slide forward by any means no matter what angle your head is bent at. In any case, you won’t regret picking up & donning these glasses during your favorite outdoor hunting session.

Moreover, these glasses are ballistic-rated. In plain English, this means the lenses are strong enough to stop a bullet from the penetrating lens surface. The wraparound shape provides a greater range of views that complements your performance on the go. On the whole, these glasses are an intelligent choice for most people who enjoy shooting without having to worry about their eyes getting injured.

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