Branded Safety Glasses help You to Protect Vision

Branded Safety Glasses help You to Protect Vision

Branded Safety Eyeglasses Help Protect Your Vision

Americans suffer around 70,000 eye injuries yearly, even though most of them were wearing branded safety eyeglasses at the time of injury. Protective glasses are often presumed to be perfect for the task but most often they are incorrectly fitted. They are not rated for the task, thus, they do not provide adequate protection to the wearer. It can be related to a lack of knowledge or negligence and it is considered to be more harmful than not wearing anything at all. Since the wearer assumes he is protected, he handles the situation more aggressively than care, as a result, he gets harmed during the process.

Ordinary eyewear such as sunglasses, RX dress glasses, and contact lenses do not provide adequate protection to the eyes. In fact, in the case of an accident wearing them can increase the severity of injuries when the disaster strikes. For instance, since they aren’t made for protection, they can easily snap with the slightest impact. Upon breaking, shards of glass and metal can wound the eye and the face terribly. Contacts are assumed to be the most harmful during a calamity. Being directly placed upon the cornea, any impact on them can dislocate them and damage the cornea as well.

The most dangerous eye injuries in the USA happen in the construction industry followed by mining, fishing, forestry, and agriculture. About 60% of all eye-related injuries happen to be of workers related to the mentioned fields and most probably because they weren’t wearing properly Branded Safety Eyeglasses. When we say proper, it means that they were wearing protective goggles, but, they weren’t suited for the job. In many cases, the patients have lost their vision while some have had to wear vision correction glasses for the rest of their lives. You never know when a small mistake can cause you resentment for a lifetime.

Choose The Right Rating by Measuring the Impact You Receive

Eyewear that can be considered fit for safety is required to undergo ANSI testing. The impact they can withstand is determined by dropping a metallic ball of a certain weight from a certain height. For the different kinds of impacts, the tests vary and the most rigorous is the one done for high impact. Here is a brief explanation of the different kinds of tests the frames and lenses are needed to pass.


  • Low Impact: When testing a certain frame for low impact, it is placed beneath a tube. A metal ball is dropped from the tube which moves at 12 meters per second. Upon the impact, the lens must not crack or break nor should it be dislocated from the frame. Also, the frame must not lose its integrity. If any of the two do not pass, they are disregarded and considered fit for providing protection. The frames and lenses that pass the test are good for jobs that require chipping, spalling, hammering, and managing belts and straps under tension. They can also be used while painting to avoid any paint drops from dripping in the eyes.
  • Medium Impact: While testing the frames for medium impact, a frame is placed underneath a tube. A metal ball, traveling at 45 meters per second collides with the lens. Upon impact, the lens nor the frame must crack, break or chip. If the frame is not able to keep the lens in its place, but, there is no shattering or cracking, they are still rejected. Frames that pass the test are considered good to be used when grinding, machining metals, stone shaping, handling bricks and wood cutting.
  • High Impact: As the frame is placed under one opening of the tube, a metal ball is dropped at a speed of 120 meters per second. It must be noted here that for high impact resistance tests, normal shaped glasses aren’t used. Rather, visors are used because it is an understood fact that with such a high-speed particle hitting the lens, it would fall off the frame. Or it can also shatter upon impact and can cause serious damage to the wearer. The branded safety eyeglasses that fall in this category are considered to be used for work that involves high levels of risks.

Eight Ways to Protect Your Eyes and Save Your Vision from Deteriorating

If you require vision correction at any stage of your life, protecting your eyesight is one of the most important things you can do to maintain a good quality of life. Some types of eye problems that can lead to complete blindness affect one in six adults at the age of 45 or above. The American Academy of Ophthalmology – AAO finds that by the end of 2020, more than 44 million Americans will be suffering from age-related eye problems. Since the problems are related to cataracts, macular degeneration diabetes, and a range of other issues, you need to keep your eyes safe from a young age.

Here are some ways you can keep your eyes safe from suffering vision loss as you grow older.

Your family history

Consider knowing your family’s medical history. Do you, or any of your parents or elders suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure? Are you currently over the age of 60? Are you an African – American and are you above the age of 40 right now? If you have any of the mentioned traits or all of them, then you are at high risk of developing eye diareses. It is time you contact your eye doctor and have a thorough exam.

Regular physical exams

Before you decide if you need to own a pair of branded safety eyeglasses or not, you must consider undergoing a thorough medical checkup. In most cases, people who are not involved in high-risk duties do not consider visiting a doctor because they feel they are exempt from illnesses. You never know when the silent killers such as diabetes and high blood pressure might overcome you. It is important to have yourself checked regularly and avoid a variety of diseases including eye strokes.

Vision problems

Look for warning signs in your eyes. If you notice yourself squinting when looking at distant objects, or you find it difficult to read a book without pushing it a bit further, you need to visit the eye doctor. Chances are, your vision is deteriorating and you might need glasses for vision correction. The causes can be anything ranging from your health to overexposure to HEV or UV rays. The best solution can be prescribed after the doctor examines you completely.

Regular Exercise

The AAO studies reveal that people who do not exercise regularly have negative effects on their eyes as they grow older. When you aren’t exercising enough, your blood pressure isn’t normal and you might also be building up symptoms of diabetes. Both these diseases create many problems in your body and also in your vision. A morning walk is great to keep your body and eyes healthy. Studies reveal that the early morning stroll in the park can have positive effects on your health for an entire day.

Branded Safety Eyeglasses Against UV Light

Working under the sun for long hours exposes you to a variety of threats because the sun is the biggest source of UV rays. While the harshest rays are absorbed by our protective ozone layer, the ones that reach the earth’s surface spare no one. They are known to cause a variety of health problems such as skin cancer and also damage our retina if we can save our skin. When light touches the objects around us, it scatters and after several reflections, these rays still find a way to enter our eyes. Wearing branded safety eyeglasses to protect our eyes is a good solution for this situation.

Eyes checkup every 2 years

Do you know it is recommended for adults to have their eyes tested once every two years? Most of us do not consider eye health important. Even if you don’t feel your vision getting blurry or you aren’t diagnosed with any illness, still you should have the eyes checked. We have enough causes for vision deterioration around us. For instance, computer screens, mobile screens, indoor lights and lots more constantly emit blue light. Although not in huge quantities, the slow dose our retina receives daily is enough to cause problems in our older lives.

Smoking has negative effects on your eyes

While medical books are full of all the harmful effects related to smoking, eye problems are very much connected to it. People who smoke are at high risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration, plus many others. If you are a smoker, remember that you are putting yourself at risk in older age when you won’t have the youth and the same stamina as today. At that time even the slightest weakness can have adverse effects on your vision.

Can I Wear Branded Safety Eyeglasses as Sunglasses?

Do sunglasses affect eye health, or are they simply an additional fashion accessory for your wardrobe? People look for the style; they view it as a fashion element but sunglasses also provide health benefits. The most important factor regarding sunglasses is, that they protect the eyes from UV rays present in large quantities in the sunlight. They keep the eyelids, cornea, eye lens, and retina safe from damage that is caused by overexposure to UV rays. Most people who do not cover their eyes from the sun suffer a variety of eye problems. Some have even lost their eyesight completely at some stage in life.

It is a common perception to wear sunglasses on sunny days. You don’t see people wearing them in times of fog or hazy days. Little do they know that even though the sunlight does not reach us, UV rays face no obstruction from clouds. They reach the earth’s surface in equal volume with or without sunlight. This is one major reason why wearing your branded safety eyeglasses as sunglasses can be a good idea. Since you don’t wear protective eyewear only to save from the sun, you can wear it any time of the month. In this way, you can keep your eyes safe from UV rays even during fog and cloudy days.

Factors Worth Consideration When Buying a New Pair of Shades

When you are in need to up your style and you head out to buy a new pair of shades, you need to make a choice not only on the looks but also consider the following factors.

  • 100% UV Protection: It is necessary to protect your eyes at all times. Your style and looks matter but so does your health. If your sunglasses don’t filter out the harmful UV rays, you are putting your eyes at risk of being damaged.
  • Wraparound Style: most frames have their sides open. This is an invitation for UV rays to reach your eyes from the temple arms. Rays do not travel in a straight line always. They reflect and bounce around as they come in contact with other objects around you that do not soak them. A wraparound styled frame can cover the open sides around your eyes blocking all entrances of the harmful rays.
  • Polarization: It is an added factor that can provide extra comfort to your eyes. This feature can reduce or eliminate all chances of harm caused by glare. You experience glare from passing by vehicles, the windows of the buildings, water, and snow.
  • Tints: The color of the lenses plays a great role in eye protection. Some colors have special abilities to block or reduce the number of harmful rays that reach your eyes. However, if you choose a color strictly for the sake of looking good, it can still be able to save your eyes to some extent.

Branded Safety Eyeglasses Help You Stay Young

It may sound odd to you but when you wear protective frames, it not only helps you save your cornea but also saves your skin. When the frame covers the skin around the eyes, it also blocks the UV rays from the sun from affecting your skin. The more area that goes under the frame, the better. But this does not mean we all start wearing face shields to protect the entire skin. It can be a personal choice though. When the UV rays find openings like in the case of normal frames, our skin and eyes absorb them as they receive them. This absorption is not suitable for our health and it has negative effects on the appearance as well.

Price isn’t a factor

You don’t need to purchase a frame that costs thousands of dollars. Affordable frames are as effective but make sure they are branded safety eyeglasses. Non-branded and fake frames cannot provide you protection. In some cases, their substandard materials can even react with your skin and cause allergies. Thus, it is always advised to choose your shades wisely because a small mistake can cost you dearly. We are a trusted source of branded eyewear and you can buy from us with confidence and a one-year warranty as well. If you have doubts or seek advice, you can also connect with our experts through the communication channels available on our website.

Most people make mistakes when buying a new pair. It should be understood that the price barely makes a difference. The real positive or negative effect on your eye’s health depends upon the type of frame you choose along with the protection. Your lifestyle should define your choices because a computer operator can never require the type of protection as a laborer. Similarly, a person who works out in the open in rough conditions and around heavy machinery cannot be secure by a frame suitable for an office worker. Considering your activities, choose a sturdy frame that can protect your eyes.

What Happens Without Proper Eye Covering

When we talk about eye health and care, we must be optimistic and look beyond the mere fashion statement. Wearing shades is considered when you want to look like a fashionista. There’s more to it than simply boasting about how pretty you are. The shades can protect your vision from being harmed by the UV rays and many other forms of radiation by sunlight known and unknown to man. If you know nothing about how to choose a pair of branded safety eyeglasses for your outdoor activities, then you need to consider the following points. They are for educational purposes and can help you make a better decision when buying a new pair.

Eye burn is as bad as sunburn

We all know that wearing sunscreen can save our skin from UV rays. We also know that the UV rays can cause sunburn if we are exposed too much to the sunlight for long hours.  Similarly, our eyes are badly affected by UV rays. Have you ever experienced that when you stand in the sun for a long time, you start getting a burning sensation in the eyes? It is the first sign of warning that your cornea is drying up. The heat and the invisible rays dry up the tears that keep our eyes moist. When they dry up, the eyes feel burned.

Cataract development speeds up

Unprotected exposure to the sunlight can cause cloudy eyes. When cataracts start building up, most of the time people think they are seeing blurry because of not getting enough sleep. If you don’t see a doctor soon, you might end up strengthening it to the extent that it covers the entire pupil. In such cases, you can see a thick white cloudy film over the dark part of the. Looking at it does not feel good and the person who suffers from it experiences irritation. If cataracts have just begun developing, you need to see the eye doctor immediately and start treatment.

You can experience eye growth

No, we don’t mean in any way that you can grow a third eye. Pinguecula and pterygium are two scientific names for eye growth. In the case of a Pinguecula, you can see a yellowish mark in the inner white corner of your eye. Pterygium is a small pink tissue-like thing in the same place. Normally they can be treated with prescribed eye drops, but in case of severity, they are surgically removed. These growths are non-cancerous but they can irritate the person suffering from it. Also, when you look at someone’s eyes infected by Pinguecula and Pterygium, you feel uncomfortable.

Eye cancer is a probability

In some extreme cases, people develop Intraocular or uveal melanoma, a scientific name for eye cancer. People having light-colored eyes are most likely to develop this disease. It becomes an even greater necessity for people with light-colored eyes to avoid sunlight as much as possible. Some symptoms associated with it are blurred vision or a spot on the iris. Some people also complain of seeing floaters and even flashes of light. It can be very dangerous to drive in this condition because you never know when a flash of light or floaters might confuse you. You might end up in a terrible situation.

Crow’s feet can be prevented

Branded Safety Eyeglasses protect the eyes from UV rays reaching the eyes and the skin around them. The skin around your eyes is thinner and more sensitive, thus, it is more likely to be affected by premature aging. The wrinkles appear here very quickly and a person, although young can look aged very quickly. You can’t always wear sunscreen around the eyes and most people are allergic to such creams. They feel a burning sensation when a cream is too close to the cornea. Also, wearing the glasses would help avoid the urge to squint whenever the sun’s rays are around. Squinting is one major cause of developing crow’s feet.

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