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Ultraviolet Rays And Use of Sunglasses

Ultraviolet Rays And Use of Sunglasses

The best way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays is by wearing sunglasses. There is no other way how you can protect them the best. Most of us don’t even realize that we are damaging our eyes because the process is slow but fast as well. Therefore, we need to be careful. Too much exposure to the sun will always harm your eyes in some or the other way. Hence, sunglasses are here to save you. However, you should not just wear any type of glasses. That is because some of them do not tend to protect your eyes for you.




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There are some special lenses and coatings that go on top to ensure that the rays are not going through your glasses. If that is not present then your eyes will be absorbing all of the harmful rays and they will start to worsen. Moreover, no matter what type of day it is, you will need sunglasses. It does not matter if it is a cloudy day because the rays are still there. They can move through the clouds as well so don’t think that your eyes are safe even on cloudy days.


Why is UV Light Harmful?


There are 3 different types of UV rays and all of them are harmful to the eyes. They are high in energy and they fall in between the spectrum. Hence, this is why the rays are harmful mainly to the eyes. That is because the eyes are already a sensitive part of the human body. However, there are some measurements of UV rays that are not that harmful. If it is rated 0-2 then that is a green sign which is okay. It has no danger. However, moving above it is harmful and it will vary from being less harmful to losing your eyesight.


The setting of the environment also plays a big factor. Suppose you are going to an area where there is a ton of sunlight then you will be needing glasses that have the best source of sunlight blockage. Hence, if you are somewhere where there is not much sunlight and it is a gloomy day, you can wear glasses that do not offer much protection. Moreover, UV is more open in places that are wide and when there is snow. That is because it is reflective and it doubles when there are any reflective surfaces. Lastly, the further you move up, the more the UV rays.


The elements you should look for to obtain the perfect sunglasses


When it comes to blocking out a harmful ray, you need to ensure that your glasses are durable and they are the best fit for that. For example, wearing prescription glasses for your myopia will not cut out the harmful UV rays. Instead, they might make it easier to allow the UV rays to fall through your glasses and enter your eyes. Moreover, some people think that getting glasses that have a black lens will cut out all the rays. However, that is false too.


Black is a great color to use when it comes to reflecting off rays but, there are some different elements that you need to use as well to ensure that they are being cut off completely. You will have to search for Sunglasses for men and Sunglasses for women that offer 100% UV ray protection. You will have to go in stores that are known so that you are not getting scammed. There are numerous ways how you can get to know if the glasses do cut off UV rays. Hence, this is how you can know if the glasses will protect your eyes or not.



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Which Lens Blocks out UV Light the Best?


If you think that color does not play an important part then you are wrong. People who do sports and other activities such as skiing will always pick out their sunglasses first by looking at the color of the lenses. That is because some colors are great to use for reflection purposes. Therefore, if you are unsure if the glasses you are wearing block UV rays, you can always get them tested. Moreover, when it comes to rating the UV level, the higher the better. Therefore, if you are looking at sunglasses that have a UV 400 then they are going to be providing you with the best protection.


Children are more prone to eye damage because they are at a growing age. Therefore, it is important to give them the best set of glasses as well so that they are protecting their eyes from the sunlight as well as other rays. The worst thing about this is that the damage that UV has done to the eyes of children is not seen until they are older. Therefore, you must think that children are safe but it will impact them negatively in life when they grow older. Therefore, everyone should start taking care when they are at a younger age.


Polarized Glasses vs UV Protection 


Polarized glasses will be the best to protect your eyes from blinding glare. They work best for reducing glare from your glasses but when it comes to UV rays, they are not the best option to choose from. Therefore, they do not work well when it comes to blocking out UV rays. Numerous people go on a hunt thinking that because they reduce glare they will also help block UV rays. However, people need to know the difference between a glare and a UV ray. Rays are much stronger and they can penetrate through anything.





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You can use polarized glasses for numerous activities because they reduce glare. Hence, if you are someone who loves to go fishing or any other water activity then you will need to get polarized glasses. However, if you are looking for a pair of glasses that give you a good blockage as well as want to reduce glare then you can get polarized glasses that have UV protection on them. However, these are hard to find and you will not be getting the best product. If you are getting polarized glasses which has UV 400 then those are the best.


Find out if your Glasses have UV Protection


You cannot just predict whether your glasses have UV protection or not. Therefore, it can be hard sometimes to know if your glasses do possess the blockage of UV rays or not. The best and most authentic method for you to get to know it is by giving it to a professional store to check. Most people observe the color of the glasses and predict that they might be blocking UV rays. This is a general misconception because the coating is more important than the color.


You will be able to get light brown lens glasses that will provide more UV ray protection than dark black lens glasses. Therefore, if you want to be on the secure side then it will be best if you take your Sunglasses to the nearest optic shop. They will just run a simple test on your glasses to get to know whether your glasses offer protection from UV rays. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you think you got scammed by someone. You can easily go to a good store and get them tested for UV ray protection.


The best-fitted Frame for Glasses with UV Protection


You will be able to find numerous frames when it comes to Sunglasses but, if you want to protect your eyes then you will have to sacrifice some of your desires. Hence, to get the best and ultimate protection, it would be best if you get a big frame. However, this does not mean you get the wrong size. It is crucial to obtain the right size of glasses so that they fit you well and that they are comfortable. To ensure that you are getting the best protection, you can get the ones that have a bigger lens coverage. Hence, if the lens is bigger then they will be able to cover your eyes more which will grant you the best protection. Therefore, always ensure that you are going for a bigger lens coverage so that you are protecting the front of your eyes the best.



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Moreover, you can cover the sides of your eyes as well by using side shields. If you are concerned then using side shields will be the best to use because they will be able to cover the sides as well. Therefore, you can always have a look at those glasses. For some people, they might not fit their fashion needs which is why they might not purchase them. However, now you will be able to find glasses of all different designs and colors as well. So you can now protect your eyes the best while being fashionable too. Hence, always prioritize your well-being and keep your eyes safe first.


Final Words


This summer make the best of your sunglasses with polarized sunglasses for men and women. They are best to keep your vision distortion-free during daylight and provide complete protection as well.

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