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Choosing The Right Rx Sports Safety Glasses In 2024

Choosing The Right Rx Sports Safety Glasses In 2024

Your eyewear must provide you with a vision that helps you perform at your level best. Whether you’re a pro athlete or an avid sports fan, your glasses need to be compatible with your sight. Wearing the wrong type of eyewear can often be disastrous for sportspeople who are often subject to eye injuries in huge numbers. According to the Vision Council, almost half a million eye injuries occur every year & many of them as a result of not wearing the right type of eye protection gear.


Opticians say that wearing prescription safety glasses could significantly reduce the chances of eye injury. Thus, to prevent injury, there’s no substitute for wearing appropriate safety eyewear that offers a variety of protective features without sacrificing modern aesthetics. Read on about some of the fantastic eyewear options we’ve picked out for you to wear for next year.


Wiley X Aspect

These sunglasses check all the right boxes for fashion-forward people who don’t want to forego eye protection. Wiley X Aspect has an exquisite look to it that is deceptively durable enough owing to the ANSI Z87.1 rating, which helps in offering shatterproof protection against hazards involving blunt trauma injuries. Moreover, the polycarbonate material used in lenses makes these glasses strong enough to withstand high-impact accidents without shattering or cracking under pressure.


It comes in a wraparound shape that provides a great grip that doesn’t let the frames slip or slide forward that easily. This is very helpful, especially for athletes who need their eyewear to stay on their faces despite a lot of head movement.


Remember, you could always add prescription lenses in case you need vision correction. Doing so lets you experience the perks of prescription eyewear with sunglasses that come in pretty handy to maintain accurate vision during your performance.


Wiley X Ace

This Wiley X eyewear comes with the most stylish polarized lenses that one could find in sunglasses. Wiley X Ace offers greater polarization using Filter 8 Technology which entails 8 different lens layers. Each layer consists of lens coatings & shatterproof polycarbonate material to provide a visual experience unmatched by any other brand. By contrast, regular sunglasses simply don’t have what it takes to provide the same level of protection that is deemed optimum for athletes by Wiley X.


Polarization works very well in terms of providing excellent vision during the daytime, reducing any discomfort & protecting your eyes against the glare. With polycarbonate material, you get to protect your eyes from UV A & B types of rays as well. You get to choose from either polarized crimson ‘mirror’ or smoke grey lenses, each having their own light transmission levels. The former is great for almost all light conditions to enhance color contrast whereas the latter works best in bright, sunny conditions. On the whole, these glasses let you perform at your best without worrying about eye safety. 

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