Do I Need Safety Glasses if I Wear Glasses?

Do I Need Safety Glasses if I Wear Glasses?

Well, prescription safety glasses and regular eyeglasses are not equally created. Safety glasses are made for your eyes protection at your job places. They are made with different materials and have a different thickness in order to combat the flying objects and hazards things. The lenses and frames of safety eyewear both meets the safety standard of federal law. Regular prescription eyeglasses are made for vision correction not for providing protection against hazardous objects.


Safety glasses over prescription glasses:

While wearing safety glasses over prescription glasses have many benefits. Prescription glasses can be costly and your vision will not be affected by wearing over safety glasses. Safety glasses will not only protect your eyes but your prescription eyewear as well. The safety eyewear can use for both indoor and outdoor place without distortion view.


Select a pair of safety glasses:

It is very essential to be very careful about purchasing safety eyewear that has to wear over standard glasses. The safety glasses should be large enough that can easily fit over prescription eyewear. 3m safety glasses zt200 are better over prescription eyewear for a long time.


Why wear over prescription eyeglasses:

Safety glasses are available with different materials and coatings and that’s why they are expensive. Once you invest over safety glasses, you don’t need to change it again if your prescription has changed. If your prescription has changed, simply you have to throw out your old regular eyeglasses. You can buy new prescription optical lenses with less amount. If your safety glasses lens is scratched, you can purchase new safety lenses with no prescription customized lenses.


Aging of safety glasses:

Most of the safety glasses are made with polycarbonate/plastic materials and can degrade due to an environment with time. An environment can degrade its strength, so replace them quickly if you find any damaging thing. You need to replace your safety glasses if they are scratched, hazing, dents, cracks, and pitting. Your vision is worth than to invest in buying new safety eyewear. So never take a risk with eyes and must protect them with protective eyewear. 

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