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Do Polarized Sunglasses Really Work?

Do Polarized Sunglasses Really Work?

Polarized sunglasses are some special kind of safety eyewear glasses. They are designed to eliminate glare from the surfaces such as glass, water, and snow. But glare misrepresents original color of an object and makes them tougher to differentiate. Besides this, polarized sunglasses can be beneficial for some specific tasks driving and sports. They help the users to see more clearly by avoiding latent hazards.

The function of polarized lenses:

The lenses of polarized glasses are available in a wide range of colors but depend on the stuff with which they are made. Darker colors ANSI safety glasses lenses have a high level of polarization. Sunlight can be reflected or absorbed in several directions. Bouncing off the sunlight from horizontal surfaces like land, water or the hood of a car is generally redirected back in a horizontal direction. This reflected light produces a whisking source of glare.

That glare not only produces visual discomfort but also causes a latent blinding glare. Glare creates a dangerous situation, particularly while driving. Basically, polarized lenses consist of a laminated filter that permits only to pass only vertically oriented light. The lenses block the horizontal leaned light with which almost all glare is removed. The most popular colors of polarized lenses are brown and gray. But many other colors can get, depend on the manufacturing.

Who use polarized lenses:

People usually always around water bodies, they use safety optical glasses with polarized lenses. These are surfers, fishermen, general boaters, and captains. These lenses allow them to see deeper for any wave currents, fish or any obstacle into the water surface. While driving particularly in the summer, everyone can choose this option. Because these are the horizontal rays that are refracted from the surface of the road. People who are involved in activities where they have to quickly change the light conditions, they may need such lenses. That can be hunting and hiking in heavy forest. For more information about polarized lenses, read below article, hope it will be helpful for you.

Kinds of polarized lenses:

  • 0.75 mm lenses:

With the help of thin sheets of film and are great for casual sporting activities like running and golf.

  • 1.1 mm lenses:

They are comparatively thicker and made from sheets of film and are designed to provide impact resistance. The polarizing layer of these lenses is like 0.75 mm lenses. The thickness of polarized lenses does not provide excellent polarization or not help in well glare elimination. But they are costlier than 0.75 lenses. Forgetting a variety of all type of eyewear visit www.eyeweb.com.

Pros of polarized lenses:

  • They provide a clear vision and offer a great comparison of ground level things.
  • They increase comfort and allows the users to see objects better in bright light.
  • They help in eliminating glare and reflection of light.
  • They reduce eye strains and frequent glares often cause of eye fatigue.
  • Help in viewing colors efficiently.

Cons of polarized lenses:

  • Polarized lenses are costlier than regular lenses.
  • They create difficulty in viewing the led screen. Because the image disappears at some angle. Therefore, heavy machine operator and pilots are not recommended for polarized lenses. You can order designer glasses online with polarized lenses with the desired tint.

Polarized lenses offer important protection from UV light but it does not mean they can give greater shield from UV light.

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