Do Safety Glasses Expire? - Standard Facts and Tips

Do Safety Glasses Expire? - Standard Facts and Tips

All the things that are surrounded us have expired date from food item to moisturizer cream. A light bulb that we use in our lamp and paint that is applied in our house also have expired date. What about Prescription safety glasses? Do they have any expiry date?


Can Safety glasses expire:

In the world, two kinds of people live, one who changes their eyewear every year for getting the latest collection. Someone who purchased one eyewear and they love to keep them for long-lasting. If you are the guys from a 2nd category, must read this informative piece of content.


Standard facts about safety eyewear:

Recent study research shows that safety eyewear lost their UV blocking power with time. As safety eyewear is used every day and can use very roughly. Safety spectacles are throwing in the bag sometimes without a protective case. Sometimes they are fallen down in the ground or at a road accident, they can be scratched very easily. By getting scratches on the lenses, they lose their protective effect for the eyes. While for good protection and eyesight, you must get new eyewear after a year.

Important tips before buying safety glasses:

All safety glasses are not suitable for all sites or task. All workplaces have different safety requirements. Before buying glasses, you should make sure for what purpose you need these glasses. 

Tips for safety glasses:

  •   The branded safety glasses should have the capability of blocking harmful UV rays.
  •   For outside activity, larger frames with wrap style are a perfect choice. They protect eyes from different angles.
  •   Darker lenses have not a surety for UV protection. So make sure about the tint lenses and their purpose before buying sunglasses.
  •   You must understand the fact of polarized sunglasses as they are for reducing glare, not for sun’s protection.


All eyewear store has a lot of choices for safety eyewear in the sense of style, material, tints, and coating. You have to see of yourself and purpose for which you have to buy. You must consult from an optometrist and discuss your issues and take help for buying safety glasses. 

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