Do You Need Shooting Glasses If You Wear Prescription Glasses?

Do You Need Shooting Glasses If You Wear Prescription Glasses?

Of course yes, you need Safety Eyewear while shooting even if you have prescription glasses. Because bullets go to the other side but unburned powder spray, ricochets, muzzle flash, and even errant birdshot can damage your eyes. Many accidents can happen more than you just might think. Safety glasses protect your eyes that are really must while shooting. Certainly, you have one set of eyes and have to last a lifetime. Shooting glasses not only shield your eyes but they help you to targets more efficiently. Contrast always enhance a targeted object and background and yellow tinted lenses in shooting glasses are the best contrast. They enhance more effectively the black rings on target place.

What should you look in shooting glasses?

ANSI Z87+1 standard should check in your shooting glasses that ensure acceptable protection from flying debris. These ANSI Approved Safety Glasses can fully stop a steel ball that has 150 feet per second. So make sure about your glasses are:

  • Comfortable
  • Enough fitting
  • Can clean easily
  • Easily adjust over prescription glasses if you have.
  • Enough durable

Shooting glasses should be a wraparound and polycarbonate lenses for enough protection. Shooting eyewear has the following lens colors.

  • Red for hunters
  • Amber or brown for an overcast day
  • Yellow or orange tint is ideal for in the early morning or late day
  • Clear for outdoor shooting
  • Polarized lenses best for dusk or dawn shooting by reducing glare.
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