Does My Son Have To Wear Safety Prescription Glasses When Playing Football?

Does My Son Have To Wear Safety Prescription Glasses When Playing Football?

There is close contact between the flying football and the player means there is always a possibility of eye injury. While playing football, risk sometimes turns into tragic consequences. If your child wears regular prescription eyewear and you put them in great danger while playing football. For child safety, give him prescription safety glasses while playing football.

Will it be Safe for Your Child to Wear Eyewear While Playing Football?

At the grassroots level, depends on parents and trainers whether they prefer eyewear for friendly matches but the referee will decide finally in the competitive matches. However, according to FA’s guidance, they strongly forbid wearing regular prescription eyewear while playing football whether it is a training or a match. Safety glasses with polycarbonate lenses should be used instead of standard eyewear.

What is sports eyewear:

Sports eyewear and goggles can wear that come in both prescription and non-prescription lenses that shield eyes from fast-moving objects. For prescription eyewear, RX safety glasses are the best choice.

  • Polycarbonate lenses:

This is an important feature of all safety spectacles or goggles because polycarbonate lenses are virtually unbreakable and will withstand any fast-moving object. The minimum standard of standard plastic is CR39 for both polycarbonate and Trivex material lenses because both have safety features.

  • Frames:

Any standard eyewear frame without nose pads that are usually found in metal eyeglasses frames. The frame should provide full coverage and most likely to fit and a wraparound frame with full cushioning is most acceptable. Metal frames or glass lenses are not allowed to be worn while playing as per the Laws of the game.

  • Sports band:

A sports band is an elastic band to secure the frame. A player should wear this band because, with the help of this band, your head will be secure and tight and your eyewear won’t fall off. A-frame temple will not tightly hold the eyewear, so a frame can fall out anytime and you can get an injury while playing.


Guideline for referee and coach:

  • Check each child player is wearing ANSI safety glasses with an accurate fit and sports band.
  • Don’t allow them metal frames in the ground.
  • During the occurrence of substitution occurs a referee should apply the same law.
  • If any child gets a head injury, check properly whether the frame or lenses are not the cause of injury.
  • In case of any lens breakage, take professional help and ensure no lens piece have entered in the eyes or surrounding areas.


Instructions for parents:

  • Make sure your child has an impact-resistant eyewear frame and lenses that are recommended by professional eye care.
  • A child has a regular eye exam


Eyes protection in football:

Your eye is a very precious organ and the most precious sense organ as well. Therefore, you must protect your eyes from all potentially hazardous situations. In almost all sports, eye threat is common for all individuals whether they wear prescription eyewear or not. 3m prescription safety glasses are one of the best choices to wear in the playground while playing. Children are more fearless and adults have a lack of experience and don’t know how to deal with dangerous situations. Ant injury that is related to the eyes could have long-term effects.


How Can You Protect Your Child?

Three important elements are considered when considering a child’s eyewear while playing football.

  • Protection
  • Stability of fit
  • Optimum proficiency
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