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Does Tint Matter in Sunglasses? - Get all of your Answers

Does Tint Matter in Sunglasses? - Get all of your Answers

A pair of sunglasses cannot be judged by its tints, particularly for eyes protection. Shades and colors of any branded safety eyewear are not the guarantees of blocking UV ability. While manufacturing of sunglasses, the lenses are made with UV absorbing chemicals for the blocking of UV rays. Generally, the chemicals are colorless and clear lenses have the ability to absorb UV light like dark color lenses. But why there are many color lenses in sunglasses. Tints block light in different ways and some tints do better jobs than others. Some of them enhance colors and some distort them. They have the ability to boost up vision in specific situations. Yet, you can appreciate some specific color and in another way, that cannot suite another particular lifestyle.

Different tints function:

Here is a handy guide for selecting tints for sunglasses.

Gray is a natural tint that permits eyes to notice colors in their original form. They decrease brightness and glare. Gray tint is best for driving and other outdoor sports like running, cycling, and golf. Wiley x safety glasses are considered best and are available in different shades.

Yellow and orange are for increasing contrast in low light situations. They help to give a sharp image object for outdoor and indoor. For snow activities, this tint goes best.

The green colors for reducing glare and also helpful for filtering blue light while delivering a sharp vision. In bright light, this tint helps for eliminating eyestrain. It is also best for sports like baseball, golf, and tennis.

Rosy shade enhance contrast by eliminating blue light and provide relaxation for long time wearing. The tint is best for driving because it increases visibility and reduces eyestrain and glare.

Amber and brown shades are considered best for blocking blue light and glare. If you are a wearer, then you can even order designer glasses online with these shades. They have the tendency to give clear vision in even in cloudy days. Green color enhances contrast and visual acuity particularly in the blue and green background like grass and sky.

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