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Everything You Need To Know About Style In Rx Safety Glasses

Everything You Need To Know About Style In Rx Safety Glasses

Who said that protective eyeglasses can’t be equally wearable as something fashionable & eye-catching? There’s no shortage of branded safety eyewear that meets the aesthetic requirements of a fashion-forward person. Having a reliable pair of safety eyewear is a must-have for someone who works in industrial jobs or spends their time outdoors. However, there’s no reason to sacrifice looks for functionality. You could look so much cooler now with wearing eye protection PPE.


So What Makes Eyewear Stylish?

Style goes hand in hand with the outer aspect of eyewear. For instance, Wiley X safety glasses are your best bet for the most amazing pair of sunglasses that you could get. They offer the right balance between what protective eyewear should offer that doesn’t look bad at all. Here are a couple of important factors when it comes to what stylish eyewear offers.


  • Frame

Frame shape largely makes eyewear fashionable. Choosing eyewear that resonates with your style depends on your aesthetic preferences for any one of them over the other. For instance, Wiley X Alfa comes in a retro aviator shape that is still sported by fashion-conscious people today. This timeless frame shape is suitable for a large variety of face types which makes it universally appealing among people of all ages. Aviators have been a top-renowned shape for quite some time and are still sought after by most fashionistas.


Another popular eyewear shape is the wraparound style. It gives a sporty aesthetic that is preferred by most athletes & sports enthusiasts. It also offers the added benefit of an enhanced lateral view that gives you greater depth perception. Wiley X Boss comes in, just like most sports sunglasses, in a wraparound shape.


  • Lens

The type of lenses can elevate the look of your eyewear to a whole new level. For instance, polarized ‘mirrored’ lenses are often preferred by sportspeople due to their visual appeal. They are often shown in sports magazines worn by top athletes. Besides the element of functionality, polarized lenses come in the most unique colors that make them so attractive. A good option to mention here would be Wiley X Valor which is also available in smoke grey lenses which are great for reducing glare in broad daylight.


  • Coatings

Lens coatings are another option that can add value to the visual element of your eyewear. Getting an anti-scratch coating can do wonders for your eyeglasses by preventing small marks or abrasions that otherwise can cause your eyewear look to degrade early on. The anti-reflective coating is another solution that removes any reflections caused by the light at the front & backside of lenses thus making the lenses appear glare-free. It comes very handy, especially when taking pictures with your eyewear on. On the whole, investing in high-grade eyewear is something that should be done when it comes to stylish looks as well as enjoying functionality at the same time.

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