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Eyewear For All Reasons & All Seasons

Eyewear For All Reasons & All Seasons

As the seasons change, we start a new routine and go through our closets to take out the new season clothes and put back the clothes that are no longer going to be in use. Just like that, there are different glasses made for different seasons too. However, most people just like to buy one pair of glasses and use them throughout the entire year. However, if you need to protect your eyes then you will have to buy a specific set of eyeglasses. Here is how you can classify the months and the type of glasses you need.


March, April, May

This is the time when the sun starts to peak out again. The trees and the flowers start to bloom. Hence, this time around it would be best if you find a pair of glasses that best settle down with the sun. There will be times when the sun will be shining a lot which is why you will need good protection. You can also change the color of your glasses. This will match all the other outfits that you have planned and it will look vibrant.


 April Women's Eye Health Month


June, July, August

This is the hottest season and the sunniest as well. The sun is out almost the entire day. The worst thing about this is that the sun's rays hurt your eyes. The harmful rays can hurt your eyes it can decrease your vision and also lead to blindness. Therefore, you should get durable and polarized lens glasses. These glasses will help cut off all the reflective glare and they will also protect from the sun rays as well as other harmful rays.


September, October, November

This is where the sun starts to leave and there is less sunlight. Hence, you can wear light coverage glasses here because the sun rays will not affect your eyes a lot. Moreover, you can always try those glasses that give you a great view of the scenery. Hence, tan lenses are perfect for this. You will have a great view of the greenery around you because these lenses include different colored tones such as red, brown, yellow, and blue.


December, January, February

This is where the cold strikes and there are very less sunny days. The sun is not out most of the time. Therefore, you should get glasses that have blue lenses. These have a hydrophobic coating which is best for when it comes to snow. Moreover, you can also use polarized lenses as well to cut the reflective glare off the snow. Using a tan or yellow lens will brighten up your view and blue will further clear your vision.


Get Different Pairs of Glasses for Different Activities 

There are glasses for everyday use and you can also use them when you are doing any activity. For example, if you are going skiing then you should not use the normal glasses that are available. Instead, you should use special ones that are best fitted for skiing. Hence, every activity will have different glasses and you need to pick out the ones that fit the activity the best. Hence, most of the glasses are not for fashion reasons but to protect your eyes the best.


The new fashion trends have incorporated glasses as well which makes people think that they are now used as a fashion piece. However, that is now the case. For every activity you do, there will be a different type of frame and lens for it. This is so that it grants you the best protection while you are doing your activity. Therefore, here are some different activities that will influence your glasses to wear.


Computing Glasses

This is for those who spend a ton of time on the computer. These glasses are designed specifically for a close-up distance from the computer. No matter if you are doing work or playing games, you should wear computing glasses. Several harmful rays emerge out of digital gadgets that it is hard to disclose with normal glasses. Therefore, try to get computing glasses for when you are going to be staying longer in front of a computer screen.



Sports Eyewear

When you are doing sports, your normal glasses are not going to give you the justice you need. Therefore, if you think that normal glasses will give you the protection you are looking for then that is wrong. There are high chances of your glasses breaking during activity. Hence, you need to buy sport-specific glasses so that they can enhance your performance. They will improve your visual skills while protecting your eyes from any injury and also ensuring comfort.


Driving Glasses

Some people might think that glasses for driving are the normal ones and they don’t include any special features. However, sunglasses for driving have polarized lenses that reduce glare and they also make it easier to see things when it is bright and sunny outside. When you are driving, it is important that you can see things clearly and you are focused. Therefore, you should get yourself these glasses so that you are doing okay on the road.


Safety Glasses

These glasses are different from the rest when it comes to materials. They are made of durable materials and they also provide the best coverage. Hence, they are not the regular glasses that you will see in shops. They have amazing built-in features and most of them offer a wrap-around frame as well. This ensures protection from different elements and it also is comfortable to wear.



People who do not need glasses will use these. Fashion eyeglasses are the most common type and thousands of people wear them for fashion purposes. However, this grants them protection as well because they are blocking out some of the harmful rays. Hence, you can always get suitable glasses for yourself by looking at the fashion trends going around.



Why You Should Go to a Physical Shop to Buy Glasses

There are tons of different glasses that you will be coming across. However, you should only purchase those that you think fit you the best. If you are someone who has trouble seeing while driving then you should always check the characteristics before buying it. Hence, before buying anything, you will need to know about the different materials and how they work for different elements. Some people might not even know that the frame of glasses is also important.

Therefore, you should always go through a check when it comes to glasses. There are numerous online stores as well where you can look up glasses. However, some disadvantages come when you are going through online glassesWearing glasses physically and viewing them is different from taking a look at glasses from a computer screen. You will not be able to hold it which will not tell you about the quality of the frame. Nor will you be able to wear it and see if it fits you and if it is comfortable. Hence, the best way to obtain glasses will be by going to a physical shop and getting a pair of glasses from there.


The Different Types of Lenses and Their Uses

Getting to know about the frame is not the only main element. You need to also know about the lenses and what they have to offer. The lens is the main part of the glasses and you need to focus on them as well. Therefore, when it comes to prescription glasses, you will come to find mainly 3 types of lenses. The first one is a single-vision lens which will be either for far vision or near vision. The second type is bifocal where there are 2 powers in the same lens. Hence, nearsightedness will be down and farsightedness will also be included. Lastly, the third type of lens is a trifocal lens.

This is where 3 powers are in one lens. On the top will be farsightedness, the middle will be intermediate and the bottom one will be nearsightedness. There is also another pair that is known as the progressive lens and this is for anyone who needs bifocal or trifocal lenses. However, the only difference between them and trifocal is that these glasses do not have lines that separate each of the different sights.


What are Lenses Made up of?

When you are going to be buying glasses for a specific activity then you will need to note down the material of the lenses as well. Hence, you will find plastic lenses, high-index plastic lenses, polycarbonate, trivex lenses, and many more. When you are going to be doing a sport then getting the high-index plastic or polycarbonate lenses will work best for you. Moreover, you will also come across blue light glasses. These are also known as computer glasses and numerous people are purchasing them. They are best for when you are using a computer or any other electronic device.

Final Words

It’s logical to change eyeglasses with a change in weather and to be in style. Check out some exclusive suggestions and tips to select your glasses for different seasons and according to your usability.

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