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Features Of High Impact Occupational Safety Eyewear

Features Of High Impact Occupational Safety Eyewear

High impact occupational RX Safety Glasses are an added shield those people who participate in specific activities or jobs. People who wear prescription eyewear can get a pair of such type for extra care. Do you know what is meant by high impact prescription eyewear? Such type of glasses is more durable than regular eyewear and provide great protection as they need. Let’s review the features of high impact eyewear.

ANSI Z87.1 standard:

The ANSI (American National Standard Institute) a non-profit organization that sets safety standards for several products that are used in the business. They test the safety standards for safety eyewear. They test the lenses for the following,

  • Lens penetration
  • Lens retention
  • Lens fracture
  • Inner surface detachment


One significant feature of high impact eyewear is that they should be shatterproof. Under extraordinary or even ordinary situations, these specs will reject shattering. People who are involved in constructions, welding, auto mechanics, and pipefitting find these features very helpful. But if you are not working in these places, you are a sportsman, you need such high impact eyeglasses for extra care of eyes.

UVA and UVB protection:

Perhaps you know that sun’s rays are the cause of skin cancer and eyes damaging. But as you know that your eyes are vulnerable than your skin. Many people are unaware that eyes need more protection from the skin than skin. The eyes can be damaged by UV rays and cause the developing of cataract and macular degeneration. In this way, your Prescription safety glasses should be the protection layer against UVA and UVB rays. Wraparound eyewear is more important because they cover the eyes from all side and work better in an outdoor setting. While selecting your glasses, must read the description of fitting and it must be a good fit on your head. It should be tight that can cause discomfort. Find the perfect match eyewear with your work setting.

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