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Getting Lenses for Strong Prescription in Safety Glasses

Getting Lenses for Strong Prescription in Safety Glasses

People with strong prescription lenses often face an array of problems about how they look. Everyone seems to be fashion-forward these days and for good reasons too. It’s more important than ever for style-conscious people to wear eye accessory that resonates with their style & personality. Well, looks don’t aren’t the only factor. Sometimes, lenses with strong prescriptions are quite hard to see through. If you’re one of those people who think that the problem of thick, bulging lenses cannot be fixed, keep reading on.


High Index Lenses Are the Answer

If you’re tired of wearing nerdy lenses, you need to consider getting high-index ones. This lens type has a higher index with greater ability to bend light as opposed to regular lenses which require greater mass to correct the refractive error. Now, what does this mean for the regular eyeglasses wearer? If you’re someone who regularly sports RX safety glasses with a high vision correction number, getting high-index lenses makes sense. Moreover, people with myopia or nearsightedness are the ideal candidates for this.


Enjoy all-Natural Look

High-index lenses remove the thick, bulging appearance given by wearing traditional lenses which makes them more aesthetically pleasing. They are much thinner & flatter at the edges don’t let the lens protrude out from the sides of your frame. So regardless of RX power, the high index offers the best of awe-inspiring looks & functionality at the same time.


No Discomfort for Long Hours

High-index lenses would work perfectly well with branded PPE providers as 3m safety glasses for wearing at work, especially when you have to work for long hours. These lightweight lenses would allow you to wear your glasses for as long as you like without having to take them off. For workers, taking off your PPE can mean non-compliance regardless of the reason why you took it off in the first place. Hence, your eyewear must be as comfortable as possible on your job that don’t force you to indulge in noncompliance by removing your eye protection PPE.


Frame Shape for High Index Lenses

The shape of your eyewear would greatly affect the optical experience. Quite often, high-index lenses work well only if you’re using a high-quality frame that offers an ergonomic shape. A wraparound shape which is offered by Wiley X Safety Glasses is ideal for having glazed with such lens type as it provides a nice, aspheric space for the lens. An oval shape would work just fine as it is more natural in a form that provides a distortion-free view.



If you’re thinking about getting high-index lenses, make sure you get your latest prescription from a certified optometrist before actually purchasing these lenses. Not to forget that the cost of high index lenses is a bit pricey for the average prescription glasses wearer. However, if you truly care about getting rid of your nerdy look, getting a pair of high-index lenses might just be what you need.

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