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Guide of Lens Coating for Prescription Safety Glasses and Sunglasses

Guide of Lens Coating for Prescription Safety Glasses and Sunglasses

The world of RX safety glasses and sunglasses lenses is very complicated and everyone cannot understand its meaning. There is a lot of information from types of lenses to coating. Here is a simple guide about the coating of eyewear, so that you can easily choose the right coating for yourself.


Types of Coatings:

The main types of coatings are four that include blue light protection, anti-reflect coating, UV protection, and scratch-resistant coating.


  • Blue Light Coating:

As you all know blue light is produced by digital devices like televisions, tablets, smartphones, etc. This light can cause eye strain and blue light protective coating helps to block that. Like all other coatings, it also protects lenses and frames. 3m dp820 safety glasses with blue light coating protect your eyes from dangerous blue light. This coating makes an attractive choice and makes it invisible to others.

  • Anti-reflect Coating:

The anti-reflect coating is a perfect choice for those who want to prevent glare that is produced by reflected light. It is also helpful for protecting the lenses from scratches and smudges. It also keeps away water and dust away in a better way. While it helps the wearer to see a clearer and sharper view.

  • UV Protection:

UV protection is the major protective coating in eyes protection. Much exposure to UV light leads to many eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration. UV rays come from the sun and it is a type of electromagnetic radiation. It can cause damage like skin cancer and macular degeneration.

  • Scratch-resistant Coating:

The scratch-resistant coating works well in many ways for the longevity of safety eyewear. It doesn’t only keep your glasses scratch-free but also keeps them new and improves your vision as well. Scratched eyeglasses cause eye strain because of distorted vision.

Scratch-resistant coating is a good one and you can apply overall eyewear no matter for what purpose you are using your eyewear. The rest of the coating can be applied according to your needs. 

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