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How Can You Protect Your Child’s Eyes for Playing a Video Game?

How Can You Protect Your Child’s Eyes for Playing a Video Game?

Mostly eye care professional agrees that video games would not damage your child’s eye if follow some simple tips. While playing video games, less eyestrain is involved than other things that are done very to the screen. Eye strain, fatigue, and dry eye are involved for staring a screen very closely for a long time. Proper prescription safety glasses for computer screen are available at many stores.

If your teen has some incorrect vision problem like myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia or wears multifocal lenses. Then he would exert lot effort to focus for a clear image. Even some children with 20/20 vision get blurred vision, headache, and eyestrain during playing a video game. Below here are tips for the eyes protection of your child during playing a video game.

  1. A playroom should be eye-friendly:

Your child’s playroom should be eye-friendly that could minimize any glare on the screen. Make sure, the room has a soft light overall. Armourx 6001 frame can be ideal for any prescription for your child.


  1. Periodic breaks:

Is your child taking periodic breaks while on a computer or playing video games? Make sure for periodic breaks and strictly follow these tips for your child’s eyes safety.


  1. Keep clean the screen:

Make sure your child’s playing screen is neat and clean without any marks. Dust and fingerprints can blur the screen view and the child can get difficulty while playing.


  1. The 20-20-20 rule:

For eyes safety, make a rule of 20-20-20 for a child’s playing on a screen. Your child should take a break of 20 seconds every 20 minutes. They should sit at 20 feet distance from their gadgets. This rule helps greatly to reduce all hazard symptoms that can occur by using the computer screen. Give them branded safety glasses to wear them during playing games.


  1. Remind your child for blink:

While playing games on a computer screen, a child becomes involve deeply in a game. This is very risky for their eyes if they don’t blink their eyes while playing. So, as a parent, you should remind them of blinking when they are in front of the screen.  


  1. Prevent them from playing in dark room:

If a child sits in a dark room for playing, the contrast between surrounding and screen does not match at all. The dark surroundings will inhibit the comfortable and effective vision. You should keep soft light in the room that could make a good contrast with the computer screen. Your child will be comfortable in viewing and playing. 3m safety glasses for digital devices can be the best idea for a child.


  1. Accurate screen setting:

You should adjust the brightness and contrast of computer screen with the room light. So that the picture of the screen could not wash out during a playing.


  1. Appropriate posture:

Yet during a playing to sit close is not harmful to eyes but distance picture gives you a detailed feature. But if your child insists for close sitting, make sure he might be nearsightedness. If yes, a schedule for an eye exam before severe problems. ANSI safety glasses are essential with good posture.



If your child has symptoms from any below issues, immediate concern to an eye doctor for eyes checkup.

  • Eye irritation
  • Blur vision
  • A headache
  • Double vision
  • Eye tearing
  • Dry eyes

All of the above symptoms can occur if a child is playing video games for a long period. 

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