How Do You Defog Goggles? - Proven Methods

How Do You Defog Goggles? - Proven Methods

Foggy goggles create irritation in swimming while in sport. Particularly in the competition, you need complete clarity to view in the water for approaching the wall. Defogging your goggles is a good precaution before jumping into the water for competition. Simply follow these steps to get a transparent view under water. Even now you can easily avail RX safety glasses in the form of goggles for better performance or wear under swimming goggles.

Things you need:

  • Swimming goggles
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Defog spray or
  • Dishwashing liquid soap


  • Step 1:

Wash your swimming goggles with the help of toothbrush for removing silicon film that can be found in the rubber lens. Scrub this paste gently with any old toothbrush and rinse goggles with cold water.

  • Step 2:

Lick or spread saliva throughout the google lenses inside and then rinse them. Because saliva performs as a natural hurdle between the lens and humidity from preventing fogging up. Don’t touch with your fingertips to the inner side of lenses because it contains oils and can remove the advantage of the saliva.

  • Step 3:

Most people hate of licking to goggles then pray lightly inside goggles lenses with a defogger. You can get this from scuba dive shop or sporting stores.

  • Step 4:

If all the above describing things are not available, spread one drop of dishwashing liquid on each lens. Use a paper towel for spreading the soap around and rinse with cold water for preventing eye irritation.

  • Step 5:

Exhale by mouth while swimming if the swimming goggles have covered your nose area like a dive mask. Exhale air has water moisture and humidity that will rapidly fog your safety glasses.

Important tip:

You must keep dishwashing liquid in your bag when you go swimming. Make sure to rinse well to avoid stinging.

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