How Do You Remove Deep Scratches from Safety Glasses?

How Do You Remove Deep Scratches from Safety Glasses?

It is obvious, safety eyewear is safe until and unless its lenses are away from scratching. The scratched lenses put an effect on visibility although your eyes are protected flying particles or falling down. But with the increased risk of falling, slipping, or tripping, your visibility decrease as well. If your lenses are not in serious damaging, it is possible that you can repair them by yourself.

The process to remove scratches:

Buy a polymer prescription safety glasses polishing kit. You can conveniently get them from any grocery stores. It is inexpensive and best for removing light scratches but not for deeper gouges. Polymer polishing works well on plastic lenses of safety glasses. Now read the instruction note on the box because every kit can slightly different. Reading before applying can save your lenses from damage.

Spread the liquid paint or spray over scratches. Make sure, all scratches should cover completely. Let allow the liquid to dry according to the recommended time. Use a soft and small cloth to wipe over lenses. The scratched should eliminate from the lenses surface. Other following methods can use if one is not working well.

  • Vehicle cleaning wax
  • Glass cleaner and soap
  • Baby Wash
  • White vinegar
  • Rubbing alcohol
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