How to Install Titmus Side Shields On UVEX Safety Glasses?

How to Install Titmus Side Shields On UVEX Safety Glasses?

UVEX formerly known as Titmus is the manufacturer of safety eyewear that does their best to protect your eyes whether you are on the job or off. Before the installation of Titmus side shields on DVX safety glasses, learn some useful information and follow the tips.

Types of Side Shields:

There are three types of side shields according to the frame size.

  • Larger frames: There are open side shields slightly smaller than the frame size and only install this size.
  • Average frames: For average frames, the side shield must be smaller than the frame size.
  • Smaller frames: There will be a close side shield smaller than the Rx safety glasses frame.


Mounting is Very Easy:


  • Attach the left temple by a large loop of mounting band that fixes to the left side shield.
  • Grip the frame and side shield firmly and stretch the band outside. Then back to fit into the retentive ruts and over the rear tab. 
  • Must inspect the alignment of the side shield to the center of the frame between the top and bottom ribs.
  • Repeat this procedure with the other side.
  • The side shield is now attached to the front of the temples; you can fold the temples without moving the side shields. 


Packing Options:


There are few lens options of safety eyewear for certain places according to the situations of your work category.


  • Clear: Best for both indoor and outdoor applications where a high amount of light is needed to diffuse and allow it to diffuse maximum light.
  • Ice Blue: It helps to eliminate glare and enhance clarity by providing clear vision. The blue lenses can block yellow light while eliminating eye fatigue and glare.
  • Amber: It allows a high amount of light to diffuse with the improvement of contrast and provides high visual clarity.
  • Grey: It offers great protection against glare in outdoor places or because of indoor blue light environment glare. Another great advantage of this color is that blocks the glare by changing the perception of colors.
  • Ebony: It is completely opaque and active for the blocking of visible light. Lessening the glare blocks the visual distraction from the peripheral vision. But this is helpful for lateral optical occlusion.


Readout Complete Information About the Use of Side Shield:


The side shields offer limited eye protection and are tested by the laboratory and then certified to the high impact needs of ANSI Z87.1. Although the side shields of ANSI safety glasses are not able to protect your eyes against all eye hazards. The test doesn’t prove that the product is unbreakable, impenetrable, and indestructible.


  • Caution:


Avoid using this product against any severe danger like explosives, molten metal, welding, brazing, nail guns, torch cutting, and sports activities like a paintball game or something like that. Dress eyewear doesn’t sit Z87 standard even if you are equipped with standard safety side shields. This combination is not allowed to be worn in industrial applications. Only wear safety glasses for hazard application for better eye protection. 


  • Warning:


Appropriate maintenance and care are very important for keeping the high level of side shields of safety glasses. Interaction with certain chemicals, bug repellents, and lens cleaners can cause a considerable reduction in the resistance. To clean them, wash with a mild soap solution and rinse with lukewarm water. Properly inspect the product, if find any scratches, pits, discoloration, or cravings, immediately replace them in case of such situations.

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