How to Keep Prescription Safety Glasses from Fogging Up?

How to Keep Prescription Safety Glasses from Fogging Up?

If you want to get enough comfort and 100% visibility while wearing prescription safety glasses at your workplace, you need much information about how to stop fogging up glasses. All this information is necessary if you want to follow all rules and regulations with the help of safety glasses. keep remembering, most common injuries at constructions and manufacturing industries most affect your eyes. Such a problem arises by not wearing protective eyewear while at your workplace.

It is safe to wear safety glasses to prevent eye injuries. But there is a common barrier in wearing safety eyewear when your protective eyewear becomes fogging up that affect your vision as well. Many workers resolve this issue by not wearing protective eyewear and increase the risk of eye injury. Many factors make fogging up glasses and one of them is ambient heat that is the surrounding temperature. Another factor might humidity. With the increasing amount of moisture in the air, the chance of fog becomes higher and makes the lenses blur.

Another weak factor can be the tight eyewear where proper airflow hampers. The last factor could be workers sweat as their body heat up and by the adding of moisture and heat that contribute to fogging. Now, you must have analyzed through which way your lenses become fogging up and you have to learn what is the possible solution to making fogging off. Here are a few solutions for preventing glasses from fogging.

Solutions for fogging up glasses:

  • By anti-fog treatment:

One important thing that is easily approachable for you to making fogging up glasses is to invest in anti-fog treatment. Many companies are producing many products that are designed to prevent the lenses of your RX safety glasses from fogging up. You can buy either in spray or gel form. Simply apply the product over the lenses and is very helpful in preventing the lenses from fogging up. It becomes like a barrier and protects the lenses against any changing temperature. Make sure to use the products correctly according to written instructions.

  • By shaving cream:

Shaving cream is also an effective solution if you know exactly how to prevent designer prescription glasses from fogging. You have to use directly shaving cream over the lenses and through this method, the protective layer protects the lenses from fogging up. Apply cream over lenses and rub it and clean gently before drying with a clean and soft cloth.

  • Find out any minor adjustment if you can make:

This adjustment is only possible how you have worn your safety glasses. Suppose, with the help of little pulling your glasses away from your face. Because moisture and heat are trapped through eyewear if you put them very close to your face or eyes. That thing helps to increase fog and by keeping slightly down your glasses from your nose. This minor adjustment would be enough to stimulate air circulation and can reduce the risk of fog. Another thing like high-collard coats and scarves can trap the moisture and cause fog. One more issue is the wearing of multilayer of clothing can increase the fog on your glasses so unzip them if you are facing such a kind of issue. Prevent your breath flowing upwards. By the help of these minor adjustment, you can easily remove the barrier of fogging up glasses.

  • By buying anti-fog glasses:

Perhaps it is the best thing to ensure that ANSI safety glasses will not build up fog by investing in anti-fog glasses. In this situation, an anti-fog coating is applied for protection while working in a humid or hot atmosphere. Because these areas stop workers to work frequently as they have to wipe out their lenses the accumulated fog.

If there are several factors to fogging the glasses, there are also several solutions to resolve these issues. You simply have to figure out the way that is very convenient for you. But before this, you must aware of the reason for fogging up glasses. By applying safety measurements, you will be more attentive in your work and be away from upsets barriers.

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