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Ideal Sports Sunglasses to Wear All Year Round in 2024

Ideal Sports Sunglasses to Wear All Year Round in 2024

Sports sunglasses have made their way into the fashion mainstream for a good reason. Long gone are the days when people used to wear eyewear solely for protective purposes. However, this is not to say that the protective aspect is to be undermined. Eye injuries are still prevalent in sports & there’s a good reason why you should consider getting a pair of RX safety glasses that don’t let you down in terms of visually appealing looks.

Hence, It’s important to consider things such as comfort, design, performance & prescription compatibility among others. Here’s a quick overview of some of the top choices that are built to wear during all seasons of the year.  


Wiley X Valor


If you had to buy glasses that deliver fully in terms of form & substance, Wiley X Valor would be it. These sunglasses are built to last in the harshest of environments without compromising on eye safety of the wearer. The half-rimmed frame provides an ideal comfort that will let you wear it all day. It’s the rubber-injected temples & nose grips that make these frames fit as snugly as possible on your face with no chances of slipping or sliding downwards on your nose. The slight curve in temple tips ensures they don’t fall off from your face especially when bending forward to pick something off the floor.

Many Wiley X glasses come with polarized lenses that provide maximum glare reduction and the necessary protection against UV A & B types of rays. Moreover, ANSI Z87.1 compliance provides a higher level of safety assurance that guarantees shatterproof protection against high-impact accidents. This is because polycarbonate lenses are the standard choice for most safety sunglasses that are used as eye protection PPE. So as long as you’re equipped with these glasses, there’s no doubt that you’ll stay focused on your favorite pursuits.


Wiley X Weekender


The frame comes with a unique shape with an additional foam gasket that provides a solid bulwark against dust, wind, sweat & other fine sediments from coming in contact with your eyes. Moreover, it also offers a better fit on your face thus making your eyewear have a nonslip grip on your face. Wiley X’s signature matte black frame color provides a powerful contrast along with the unique polarized amber-gold mirror lenses.

There are certain lens add-ons in the form of lens coatings that enhance the protective feature capacity of your eyewear. The core solution is an anti-scratch coating that provides the necessary layer to prevent any further scratches that may be released over time with usage. Moreover, if you’re an avid water sports performer you would find hydrophobic coating extremely handy due to its ability to let the water drops slide down the lens surface which provides a seamless vision throughout your performance. Overall, Wiley X Weekender is very versatile eyewear that comes with every cutting-edge feature that you could ask for in a perfect pair of protective eyeglasses.

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