If I Wear Prescription Glasses Do, I Need to Wear Safety Glasses When Shooting

If I Wear Prescription Glasses Do, I Need to Wear Safety Glasses When Shooting

No matter where are you on the out hunting or shooting range, there are several safety precautions you need to follow while operating firearms. Wearing safety glasses is something that many people ignore. Below here, there are three reasons why shooting glasses are extremely important.

Accidents Can Occur More than you Realize:

Astonishingly, many hunters get hit with errant birdshot or a ricochet. An excessive amount of powder that blows back can burn your eyes. Shooting eyewear like Wiley x prescription safety glasses will shield your eyes when spent magazines are emitted from the firearms. Flash of the muzzle can be the reason for damage. Many people even wear ear protection while using firearms. So we must value our vision as highly as hearing.

Glasses that Can Give Additional Security from the Surroundings:

If you are not using firearms, other hazards can potentially damage individual eyes. If you are in a thick woody area, twigs, stray branches, and leaves can injure your eyes. During cleaning firearms, it’s a great idea to wear ANSI safety glasses for your eye protection against cleaning chemicals or any spring that can get lost and can trike with your eyes.

Shooting eyewear is not only for eye protection but may help to see better:

The perfect pair of eyewear can provide a great contrast while target shooting. The glasses with yellow lenses will turn white on black and the white target turn yellow. Black color lenses keep the same all the views. Many shooters insist that this color contrast gives the best contrast with improving accuracy.

How can you choose a pair of shooting eyewear?

When selecting a perfect pair of safety eyewear like 3m prescription safety glasses, there are many factors to consider. The lenses should be strong. Regular prescription eyewear or non-certified shooting eyewear can shatter and any piece can impact your eyes by entering into eyes. Polycarbonate is considered the strongest material that can be bought for shooting specs. For this, you cannot invest a lot of money but the specs should be rated of ANSI Z87.1 certification.

Aviator-style glasses were popular in the 80s and were used in shooting eyewear but now wraparound specs are preferred. The negative point of aviator-shaped glasses was that they left a gap between the face and surrounding frame that allowed the hazardous material to enter into the eyes and cause injury. But the wraparound frame that most people are using is the shape of eyewear because it is much closer to the face. There is a smaller opening that minimum chance of anything to get in. There is also the presence of airflow that prevents the eyewear from fogging up. Plastic or titanium frames are very comfortable and lightweight in use.

Last but not least, many lens colors are available like amber, purple, yellow, and gray are the most selected colors for shooting ranges eyewear.

  • Gray or gray-green are best for blocking glare without obstructing overall perception.
  • Yellow or orange lenses can offer a comprehensive line of vision.
  • Amber color is great on cloudy days.
  • Purple or blue lenses can aid in distinguishing between the target and green trees.

Shooting prescription safety glasses are for firearms safety and even who is standing behind the shooters must wear safety eyewear.

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