New Year's Resolution Ideas For Eye Safety In 2023

New Year's Resolution Ideas For Eye Safety In 2023

New year’s dawning upon us & everyone’s mustering up their determination to stick to their unfulfilled goals for the coming year. In the same vein, if you aren’t taking adequate measures to protect your eyes, it’s time that you do so. Here are some great ideas to get you started on the process of getting reliable prescription safety glasses that comply with safety & health standards at your workplace.

Buy ANSI Buy-rated eyeglasses

According to the US Bureau Of Labor Statistics, thousands of injuries occur every day, which could be prevented just by wearing eye protection PPE that comes with an ANSI rating. Wearing safety eyewear will keep your eyes safe against most hazards such as projectiles, splinters, dust, toxic splashes of liquid, fumes & other foreign objects that could rupture the cornea of your eye. ANSI-rated Safety Glasses are further divided into categories that are suited for a specific type of hazard. Hence, it is best to know more about the kind of hazards you face regularly at work.

Polarized Sunglasses For Glare Reduction

It’s not uncommon to experience discomfort & headaches when stepping out in the sun without putting your glasses on. This is why you need sunglasses with polarized lenses that promise high-level optical clarity & color contrast for a seamless view in sunny or bright light conditions. You might want to check out Wiley X Safety Sunglasses that come with their very own Filter 8 Technology for superior polarization & a unique viewing experience.

Wear Wraparound Glasses For Sports

If you’re someone who is an avid sportsperson or a professional athlete, you need to pay attention to how your eyewear affects your performance. In short, glasses should help perform at your level best using a sporty design. Speaking of, the wraparound shape is an ideal shape that offers a greater peripheral view & prevents tunnel vision. Wiley X Boss is one great example of a frame that provides an awe-inspiring look as well as a greater range of view which is crucial in any form of physical sport.

Lens Coatings For Your Eyewear

If you already own a pair of safety glasses & find them to be problematic at work or sports, it’s time you get a lens coating done on the lenses. For instance, for glasses that fog up too quickly, an anti-fog solution is an apt choice to prevent beclouded lenses. Moreover, you can even get an anti-fog spray for your glasses & squirt a little on lenses before going to work for a fog-free experience throughout the day.

Another useful solution is the hydrophobic coating that is offered in Wiley X Glasses. This is useful for people involved in water sports who face the problem of water drops blocking out their vision during the performance. Hydrophobic coating lets the water drops slide instead of sticking onto the lens surface which lets you enjoy crystal-clear vision.

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