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Pentax Safety Glasses Against UV Rays

Pentax Safety Glasses Against UV Rays

It’s common credence to assume that UV (Ultraviolet) rays harm the skin only, which is far from being true. Ocular studies find that unwanted & sustained exposure to UV can be harmful to the eyes as well. This becomes important where laborers are faced with the harms of radiation by virtue of their vocation. With the help of formal PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), this can be taken care of. Pentax Safety Glasses is a premium choice when it comes to providing bang for your buck as well as providing matchless protection against harms of radiation. Researchers have concluded that most of the eye-related injuries can be prevented with the use of appropriate PPE. This article explains how UV radiation is hazardous and how they can be averted effectively.


  • UV Radiation:

Pentax Safety Glasses contain the polycarbonate lens to avoid harms of UV radiation. However, It’s important to have a brief overview of radiation first. As the sun emits sunlight towards the earth, it consists of certain latent elements. The electromagnetic spectrum is made of different types of wavelengths. These wavelengths depend entirely on the type of radiation classified according to its length. The length of UV radiation is shorter as compared to longer ones which fail to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere. The ozone layer blocks out much of the harmful rays, but some are able to penetrate through. UV rays have a shorter wavelength and are more prone to pass through the human body, including the eyes. Thus, It’s important to discern the overall hazards caused by UV exposure.


  • Common hazards of eyes exposure to UV rays:

          o Cataracts – This includes the clouding of the lens behind the cornea. This usually happens over time as the eyes are subjected to sunlight. The radiation causes the blurring of the crystalline lens. The very lens is the core mechanism which allows us to adjust our focus on objects, depending on their distance. Cataracts can cause blurry vision and may develop into permanent vision loss progressively. Cataracts usually form on the frontal part of the eye. The frontal part of the lens is most affected by the UV-B type of rays. This can be prevented with Pentax Protective Eyewear.

          o Macular degeneration – It manifests itself among many aged workers. It’s essentially the damage to the retina caused by exposure to radiation. Retina helps us to form images in our brain. The region responsible for forming the sharpest vision at the center of the retina, the macula, is prone to harm. The macula is formed at the back portion of the eye. The back part of the eye is most affected by the UV-A type of rays.


  • How Pentax Safety Glasses can help:

Safety eyewear manufactured by Pentax contains Polycarbonate lens which provides assurance on blocking UV rays. It guarantees up to almost 99% blockage of both UV-A & B type of rays. Wearing protection for your eyes is imperative. If much of your time is spent outdoors working or engaging in any kinds of sports, protection glasses are worth buying.

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