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Prescription Safety Glasses Can Make You Good at Programming

Prescription Safety Glasses Can Make You Good at Programming

Studies reveal, three out of five people need vision correction. The number is rapidly increasing as more and more adults complain of impaired vision. There are different signs you can notice that indicate the person needs a pair of prescription glasses. Here are the two most visible signs:

  • If you or someone around you squints their eyes when looking at an object
  • When reading a book, the person needs to adjust the distance before figuring out the words

The reasons for the need of RX Safety Glasses among adults are diverse. It depends upon their lifestyle, their duties performed at work and the food they eat. Carrots are widely believed to be good for the eyesight because they are high in vitamin A. It is an essential nutrient for good eyesight, eating carrots daily can yield good results. Vitamin A isn’t limited only to rabbit food, it is also found in dairy products, egg yolk and liver.

Visible Light Is Complex Than Normally Perceived

Stepping out in the sun exposes the body and eyes to a series of invisible rays present in sunlight. Flipping the wall switch ‘on’, turning on the computer, phone or other devices expose your eyes to a variety of rays. The lights around us contain many visible and invisible rays having different kinds of energies. Some examples of invisible rays are the UV rays and blue light.  

What Is Blue Light?

Sunlight is actually an amalgamation of seven basic and many other shades. Each shade has its own energy and wavelength which is also known as electromagnetic radiation. Combined, the spectrum of light becomes the white light or sunlight that we see.

Without confusing with complex physics, wavelength of a light ray determines the energy it contains. Rays having long wavelengths contain relatively less energy. Light rays having short wavelength have high energy that has high impact on our body.

Rays present on the red side of light have long wavelengths hence they have less energy. The ones present on the blue side have high energy because of short wavelengths.

The rays beyond the red spectrum are the infrared rays which are warm but invisible. They are used in warming lamps, massage lamps and in appliances used for food warming. On the other end, after the blue light rays come the invisible rays. They are often termed as blue light, blue violet and ultimately ultra violet, as you go further. These rays are the UV rays that are known to be harmful for the body and the eyes. They are also referred as the ultra violet radiation.

Important Points of Blue Light

  1.  Blue Light is Everywhere

Sunlight is the main source of all light rays. When we are outside we are exposed to every ray present in the sunlight. Other sources include fluorescent bulbs, computer screens, mobile device’s screens, LED lights and flat screen TV’s. Electronic devices are all around us and they emit the blue light whenever they are turned on. However, the rays emitted by them are only a fraction of what is emitted by the sun.

  1. Short wavelength rays make sky blue

The short wavelength rays present on the blue end of the spectrum tend to scatter more. When they hit the sky and water molecules they make it appear in the blue shade. This is a reason we see the clear sky as blue and clear water in various shades of blue.

  1. Eyes aren’t good at blocking rays

The exterior structure of the adult human eye develops overtime. It gets stronger in blocking the UV rays from entering our retina. But after a certain age is starts degenerating and that’s when we experience eye problems. At a young and healthy age, the eye can block 99% of the UV rays from reaching the retina even without sunglasses.

  1. Blue light exposure increases macular degeneration

The human eye can block UV light to a certain extent with age, but blue light is never blocked. It reaches our retina and thus it has its impact on our eyes and vision. Laboratory studies reveal too much blue light exposure damage light sensitive cells of the retina. The changes caused by its presence in the eye resemble those of macular degeneration. It can result in permanent loss of eyesight.

Although studies are underway to determine exactly how much damage is caused by manmade electronic devices that emit blue light. Many eye care experts are concerned too much blue light by the electronic devices around us are harmful. If one does not experience macular degeneration today, its effects can be observed later in life. Computer programmers are at a huge risk of loss of eyesight because of prolonged exposure to the computer screens.

  1. Digital eye strain is due to blue light

Since short wavelength and high energy rays scatter more easily, it is not easy to focus upon it. When programmers are looking at computer screens and other devices emitted the high energy rays, it reduces contrast. Hence more focus is required to absorb the visuals on the screens and it contributes to digital eye strain.

Research shows that Safety Eyewear Frames having lenses coated to block blue light with wavelengths below 450nm increase contrast significantly. Hence, they enhance vision when it is necessary to look at computer and mobile device’s screens. Therefore, glasses with yellow tinted lenses can increase your protection against blue light when looking at computer screens.

Programmers Need ANSI Safety Glasses

If you are a computer programmer reading this blog, then you should be concerned about your eye health. It is normal for an average computer programmer to be present before a computer screen for at least 6 – 7 hours daily. Professionals are known to spend even more time due to the burden of work they have to deliver and deadlines. It is important to keep your eyes safe from the harmful rays having short wavelengths emitted from the screens. If you do not suffer from vision impair, you must keep a pair of sunglasses by your desk and wear them when working. Ensure that you order them with blue light protection coating.

If you need vision correction, then you will need to order Prescription Safety Glasseswith blue light protection. There are many ways to obtain your prescription eyewear and they can also be ordered online. There are many websites from where you can order but always ensure you have chosen the protective coating. Normally it is present as an add on because it can increase the cost of the frame and people with low budget tend to skip it. If you’ve been programming, designing or doing other tasks on the computer without protection, now is the time to get it.

When your eyes are safe from blue light, you won’t feel digital eye strain and headaches that are common among computer users. Your skills are affected by your health and unless your eyes are fresh and healthy, you can’t perform your best. Usually people are in the best of their health during early morning. But as time progresses, our eyes become weary and we start feeling strained. Performing your best requires that you stay protected from all possible harm. Always choose Branded Safety Eyeglasses because settling for anything than the best can affect your eye’s health.

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