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Protect Your Eyes from The Digital World with Digital Eyeglasses

Protect Your Eyes from The Digital World with Digital Eyeglasses

Well, we all love entertainment and connectivity through our digital devices. Many time we completely lost in this entertaining world that doesn’t know how much time we have spent with this gadget. But this increasing screen time is effecting your eye health very effectively. Now people think about the safety eyewear that could use against artificial blue light that is emitted from these devices.

A licensed optician, Stefan Mayer, do some question about digital protection. He said that how digital glasses provide three times more safety against dangerous Blue light than regular glasses with clear lenses.

Why blue light protection?

The lenses from digital protection help to reduce the exposure of blue light that is produced from digital devices. Blue light is the part of the visible light spectrum that is produced by artificial and sunlight. Some part of the blue light is beneficial for our health to keep regulating the internal biological clocks. But blue-violet light can have a dangerous effect on eyes particularly the retina. With age, diet, lifestyle, occupation, and genetics, the blue light is a risk factor for the age-related macular degeneration. Now prescription safety glasses can get with blue light coating for eyes protection against risky blue light effects.

The issue with the blue light is that most of us continue using digital devices for an extended time. These devices are included a computer screen, games, phones, and tablets that all emit a high amount of blue light. Common uses fluorescent light is also containing blue light like UV rays that add digital eye strain and damaging eyes. That all thing possible causes of dry eyes, blurred vision, and headache. ANSI safety glasses with blue reflected lenses provide shield eyes and eliminate glare that is produced by reflected light.

How do computer specs work?

Blue light is present in the lower end of the spectrum and almost cover the wavelength spectrum from 380-500 nm. Although all blue light is not harmful and all digital devices release electromagnetic radiation with some range of frequencies. Recent research is linking the damaging related to sunlight and of course modern technologies as well. But blue light has some healthy rays as well. You can order designer glasses online through any online store with a blue light coating.

How blue light affect your eye health?

According to the vision council, 61% of adult experiences the digital eye strain because of the increasing time of electronic devices. After prolonged use, your eyes effected by eye strain, irritated eyes, dry eyes, and headache. Research also suggested that these rays can cause certain types of heart disease, diabetes, macular degeneration, cataract, and cancer. You must remember one thing, if you have any experience of anyone symptoms, you need a comprehensive eye exam that could protect you from any other risk.

How can you prevent yourself from eye strain?

There is only one way that you can protect your eyes from digital eye strain that is safety glasses with blue-blocking filtration. That will help you to reduce the harmful effect of blue light that is produced by digital devices. Another thing is that you need to rest as well. You have to adopt 20-20-20 rule mean 20 feet away, 20-second break after 20 minutes. It will also help you from eye fatigue if you are sitting continuously in front of a computer screen.

Do you need any prescription?

No, obviously not, it is a great thing of this technology that everyone has access to the lenses for digital protection. Computer glasses don’t mean computer-distance glasses. If you have a healthy vision, you have no need for an eye exam particularly for getting computer glasses. It is a simple coating that is applied over lenses for eye protection against digital gadgets.

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