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    Shop From A Huge Selection of ANSI-Approved Safety Goggles  

    Safety Goggles prove to be the perfect choice when your average protective eyeglasses aren’t fit enough against hazards in a given environment. Most activities like riding a motorcycle or just plain surviving in tough conditions require an extra protective overlay for your eyes. You can choose from hundreds of top-drawer goggles available on Eyeweb by the hottest names in the eyewear industry. Brands such as 3M & Wiley X are globally renowned for providing top-grade personal protective equipment to protect your eyes whether you’re engaged in leisure activities & or have to fulfill a mandatory workplace requirement. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that your eyes stay intact by having an all-encompassing protective gear for your eyes.


    When Glasses Aren’t A Suitable Option

    Safety eyewear often comes with unprotected sides, perforations & gaps which can leave your eyes exposed in case of an accident. Hazards like fine sediments, dust, wind, peripheral light, toxic chemicals, or other foreign objects can easily injure your eyes. During an accident, it is anyone’s instinct to often turn their eyes away from the source thus leaving the sides of eyes exposed. Hence, you need something that provides greater coverage of your facial area to protect against the aforementioned hazards.

    Conversely, goggles are apt when you need peripheral protection around your eyes along with a solid protective gear that doesn’t let any hazardous objects damage your eyes. With a greater surface area, they provide the required safety seal that ensures foolproof safety.


    ANSI Approved Lenses That Don’t Shatter

    All branded glasses on Eyeweb are ANSI Z787.1 certified. This means you that any high velocity or volume accidents will have no adverse impact on your glasses, which includes both the lens & frame. This ensures that your eyes stay protected on the go even after withstanding any high-stress blunt trauma accident.

    ANSI testing methods ensure that lenses don’t fragment into the eye of the wearer for foolproof safety. This requires eyewear makers to use polycarbonate material in lenses which offers all-round protection & prevents any dislocation or fragmentation of lenses. Even ANSI recommends polycarbonate material to be used in protective eyeglasses & Sports Glasses to meet the required level of safety assurance standards.


    RX Option

    Goggles can be easily used as RX-ready eyewear for those requiring some sort of vision correction. This is an excellent option as it removes the need for wearing an additional pair of glasses with RX lenses beneath your goggles. Wearing glasses under goggles can cause a lot of discomfort, especially if you are working in hot conditions. Moreover, the problem of clouded lenses can occur on your RX glasses which can cause you to remove goggles thus leaving your eyes exposed to the hazards around you.

    Pentax & Wiley X offer Prescription-ready goggles which can be coupled with the required level of index for visual acuity. On the whole, goggles with the RX option give you the best of both crystal clear vision along high impact resistance to keep your eyes intact.

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