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Square Safety Glasses

We offer a wide-ranging variety of square shaped glasses which are perfect for faces identified as having an elongated shape. Square frames strike the optimum balance for people having round or oval facial outlines. We have them all right here, just for you.

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Pentax F9800 Perforated Full-cup


Shop The Most Stylish Square Safety Glasses Online


You can find a huge assortment of square safety glasses right here from the leading eyewear brands in the industry. Your eye accessory, which grants you a certain level of protection, does not have to be old fashioned at all. Moreover, combined with the magic of cutting edge manufacturing methods, the latest protective eyewear is made in a variety of shapes which are tailored to fit your needs besides offering protection. Hence, it’s always good to select those glasses which are in sync with your own style & provide a sufficient level of safety assurance.


People should always buy branded eyewear, especially when they are looking to shop for something that ensures their eyes remain intact against any unforeseen hazards. Eye safety is an imperative which cannot be ignored by anyone. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one thousand people sustain eye-related injuries at work thus leading to absenteeism & loss of productivity. Whether you are a sportsperson or just a regular employee in a hazardous workplace, your eyes need to be protected. There are some key features which you should look for in safety eyewear before purchasing one.


Side Shields

There are a few important attributes which let your glasses stand out from the rest. For instance, glasses which offer enhanced protection, glasses may come with shields which can be attached to the sides of your eyewear for protecting against fine sediments, debris, dust, wind or splashes of toxic liquid that may sneak in otherwise through any perforations left by your eyewear. Side shields also come in other Metal Safety Glasses that ensure you don’t need a seal mask for protection. However, you need to ensure what kind of hazards prevail in your environment beforehand.


RX Option

High quality protective eyewear brands such as 3M & Wiley X offer prescription ready glasses. This is a huge benefit for folks who require some sort of vision correction. This makes your glasses a one size fits all solution, offering the best of visual acuity & ANSI rated protection at the same time. Moreover, polycarbonate lenses let anyone add high-index prescription without making your glasses overbearingly heavy. In contrast, regular plastic or glass lenses can make your glasses look thick or bulgy thus making you look like a nerd. Conversely, polycarbonate lets you have a natural appearance with a spherical shape. Rimless Safety Glasses are a popular choice among people who prefer prescription glasses. Not to mention their shatterproof protection!


Lens Coating

Solutions which form a protective layer over the lens surface are paramount in providing an enhanced optical experience as well as prolong the shelf life of your glasses. Anti-scratch coating makes your lenses more robust against any scratches or abrasions thus leading to reduced replacement costs. To prevent clouded lenses, you can also choose Titanium Safety Glasses with an anti-fog coating which lets you have a crystal clear view even when you’re working for long hours in extreme conditions such as snowy terrains.


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