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Titanium Safety Glasses

Titanium frames are durable, lightweight & hypoallergenic in nature. They are an excellent choice for people who have some kind of skin allergy to metallic materials. When it comes to choosing sleek, minimalist glasses, titanium is your best friend.

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Titanium Safety Glasses for Unrivaled Comfort & Protection


Can you think of something which is as lightweight as plastic yet offers the same level of durability as steel or metallic frames? You guessed it right. Titanium is the ultimate material that lets you have the best of both worlds. It is the go-to option if you want your glasses to be as rugged as possible without compromising on comfort. Currently, there’s not a single frame type that offers similar protective attributes as titanium safety glasses. If you’re thinking of getting prescription eyewear or just a regular protective one, you might want to give titanium frames a try. 


What Makes Titanium A Suitable Option For Everyone?

First off, they are extremely durable, so much so that their toughness is akin to a steel or metal material. It has a considerably higher impact resistance than your average plastic & is very less prone to premature degradation or breakage over time. It provides excellent resistance against blunt trauma accidents, keeping your lenses intact.


Secondly, titanium frames are rust-proof. Conversely, metal materials are prone to accumulate rust over time due to oxidation. This results in a discolored appearance or may further cause your frames to ruin altogether. Titanium, on the other hand, is an apt choice for a low-maintenance material that offers a greater shelf life.


Third, comfort is something that neither Metal Safety Glasses or plastic frames could match that of a titanium one. Glasses wearers are aware of the fact that heavy specs can cause dark marks on nose & areas around their ears. However, this is not the case with titanium. It does not cause any pinching sensation no matter how long you wear them on any given day. Titanium also works well for those who have a high index prescription to make their glasses more bearable & comfy.


Fourth, folks who are allergic to plastic material would find titanium to be an ideal choice. This is because it is hypoallergic in nature thus not causing any allergic reaction on the skin of the wearer. Moreover, titanium frames are very slender which translates to an elegant, stylish appearance. You can also find Rectangle Safety Glasses made out of the very material type.


RX Option For Visual Acuity

There is always an option to glaze your frames with RX lenses. Top-drawer brands allow you to add prescription lenses in your safety eyewear for a win-win solution. Not only you get to have a crystal clear vision through vision correction, but you get to experience cutting edge aesthetics which make your appearance sharper than regular prescription eyewear. Globally renowned brands such as Wiley X offer WorkSight series which lets you incorporate RX lenses in them.


Available in Different Shapes

Choose the frame shape which aptly suits your face type. For instance, Square Safety Glasses are best suited for people with oblong or round face type in order to add a bit of width to their face. This helps them achieve a balanced appearance.


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