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7 Everyday Things That Can Hurt Your Eyes

7 Everyday Things That Can Hurt Your Eyes


We all know that the eyes are the most sensitive part of the body. If it gets a bit irritated, then it starts to water and it becomes red. Hence, keeping the eyes safe is crucial. No matter if you are wearing safety glasses or not, some dust and germs can cling to them. However, there is something that we do intentionally that adds a ton of negative impact on our vision. When we look around, we see almost everyone on their phones or any other digital devices all day long.

This is harmful and it has a great negative effect on your eyes that we tend to ignore. Hence, just like this, there are numerous other things as well that we do daily and we cease to ignore them. This is something that is harming us instead. Numerous studies have shown the harm of having too much screen time. This is also one of the things that hurt your eyes.


Screen Time

Numerous teenagers have a hard time falling asleep and some claim that they can’t fall asleep. The biggest reason behind this is the digital eye strain. Thousands of people always go on their phones before going to bed and watch numerous things. Therefore, this affects the eyes because the eye strain increases which makes it difficult to fall asleep.




One thing always leads to another. Hence, if you are going to be watching your phone before going to bed or when you are in bed, it will lead to headaches, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain, dry and irritated eyes, and of course, difficulty falling asleep. Therefore, to get rid of this problem, the best thing to do is to limit your screen time before you are going to go to sleep. This will relax your eyes and it will make it easier for you to fall asleep.


Rubbing Your Eyes Might Not Be the Best Idea 

Another thing that we do unconsciously is rub our eyes. For some, this might not be a huge problem but it is. There are a ton of people who rub their eyes numerous times throughout the day and they don’t even notice. However, if you are one of them then you should refrain from rubbing your eyes a lot daily. By rubbing your eyes constantly, it creates scratches in the corneas and it can also cause numerous eye diseases which will lead to vision problems. There is always a risk of eye infection because your hands are also filled with germs. Hence, rubbing your eyes will lead the germs to enter your eye which can cause a serious eye infection.



Ensure That You Are Wearing Your Contact Lenses in the Right Way

One of the worst scenarios that can cause harm to your eyes is going to be wearing your contact lenses wrong. If you are someone that wears contacts or is a beginner then you should know the authentic ways how you can put on your contact lenses in the right way. Most eye diseases occur because people do not know how to wear contact lenses the right way. Therefore, the main mistake people make is that they forget to clean and properly store their lenses.



There are numerous times when people have also slept wearing their contact lenses. If you want to wear contact lenses for overnight use then there are some specific ones you can buy. Those are made specifically for wearing overnight. However, those should also be taken out once in a while so that your eyes are getting the right amount of oxygen they need. There are also some other places where it is best if you remove your contact lenses. That is when you are taking a shower or in the pool.


Forget to Wear Sunglasses 

One other main aspect is not wearing sunglasses. Some people say it is useless but, this is important and everyone should have a pair of sunglasses with them. This is how you will be able to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun as well as UV rays. People who spend more time outdoors are more prone to getting their eyes damaged especially when they are not wearing sunglasses. You do not want your eyes to burn and become red. If your eyes are not protected from the sun and the radiation then it can lead to serious issues such as cataracts and pterygium. Therefore, you should ensure that you are wearing good sunglasses that protect your eyes the best.




Another way how you can lose your vision is by smoking. People who smoke regularly are causing harm not only to their lungs but, also to their eyes. It can lead to serious eye conditions that cause blindness. The biggest threat is macular degeneration and cataracts as well. Hence, the only way to stop your eyes from getting damaged by smoking is to stop smoking.



Not Using the Right Amount of Eye Drops

Usually, when people get a red or irritated eye, they will add eye drops. However, instead of decreasing the redness of the eye, it may increase it if you use too much. It is a common misconception that taking more than one pill will reduce the pain quicker. However, this is not true and it might instead harm you. Just like that, adding a ton of eye drops will not ease the situation instead, it will worsen it. Moreover, eye drops are used to treat something specific. Therefore, before using the drops, make sure that you can use them to calm the redness of your eyes. Moreover, ensure that you are putting in the right number of drops.



Avoiding Regular Eye Checkups

Lastly, just like how dentist appointments are important, eye checkups are as well. You should regularly go to an eye specialist to get your eyes checked once in a while. This will tell you if you are doing the right things to protect your eyes or not. Moreover, if there is any slight vision decrease then you will be able to get rid of it as soon as possible. Other diseases such as diabetes and hypertension cause vision issues. The medication will have some side effects and it will mainly affect the eyes in most cases. Therefore, if you are someone on medication then do not forget to take care of your eyes as well.



How You Can Reduce Your Screen Time 

There are numerous ways how you can resolve these issues. You will just need to fix your posture in some cases. Most of the time people do not tend to take these issues seriously and it keeps getting worse. Therefore, you should have a solution for everything. Giving your eyes rest is important. If your screen time is higher than normal then you should give your eyes rest for about 20 minutes. You should look away from your electronic device for 20 minutes or even more depending on how long you have been staring at the screen. You should also be far away from the screen about 20 feet or so for at least a minimum of 20 seconds.

One more thing you can do to fix your vision and not have problems is to reduce the blue light. Usually, most of the displays that you will see will be blue light and this is something that gives you eye strain. Therefore, it is best that you switch your phone to the nighttime setting when the sun sets. This will instead show orange and red tones so that your eyes are more relaxed. You can also do this before going to sleep so that your eyes are relaxed. This will lead you to have a better sleep. However, the best thing you can do is to keep your phone away for an hour before you go to sleep and read a book.


Take Care of Your Hygiene by Washing Your Hands 

Another way how you can ensure that your eyes are away from germs is by washing your hands. Your hands and fingers are one of the things that get in contact with the eyes the most. Therefore, you should ensure that you are washing your hands before you touch your eyes. Even if you think your hands are clean, you should still wash them. There are a ton of bacteria and they come within a second. Hence, if you don’t wash your hands and start rubbing your eyes, you will infect them as well.

Instead of trying to remove something from your eyes by rubbing and touching your eyes, you can use drops or just keep splashing your face with water. This will make it easier for the thing to come out and it will go away naturally. Hence, if you keep rubbing then you will scratch your cornea with it and it is extremely painful. Therefore, it is best if you leave it alone and use drops and water to get rid of the thing stuck in your eye.


Final Words

It becomes easier to care about your eyes when you make good habits on certain things you do in your daily life. Wearing glasses can be very effective in this regard as well.

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