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Tips for Getting Perfect Eyewear for Small Faces

Tips for Getting Perfect Eyewear for Small Faces

Have your small face shape, selection of an ideal Rx safety glasses for this face shape is a bit hassle. No need to compromise you, there is a certain style of eyewear that you would really to like them. People with small faces always find them in the kid’s aisle while shopping for glasses. Selection of eyewear for small faces is quite complicated but if you know what are you looking in your glasses. From plenty of design, you can select a design that can give you an amazing look. Keep reading this blog and very soon, you will reach on your exact point.

Are you sure you have a small face shape?

Probably you might guess about your small face shape because of many prescription safety glasses look huge on your face. But the simple and easiest way to find out exactly by determining the face’s particularities. Let talk about themselves individually. It means you have to measure your face proportion accurately. For a detail view, you require to focus on these areas.

  • Forehead
  • Jawline
  • Cheeks
  • Face length

The perfect proportion is known as the golden ratio that is measured by dividing the length to width. No doubt, perfect face shape is nothing more than a myth. But if you find a similar ration, you have a normal face. Normally, small face shape has a small length and small width.

Measure your face correctly:

Still, if you are not sure about your face size, worry not. The measuring process is so simple that you can easily measure by yourself by following steps.

  • A sturdy plastic ruler trick will not work; you require tape for measuring flat face shape. You will have to measure with flexible tape from temple to temple.
  • Start from your forehead and come to the widest part of the face from hairline to hairline and down for the measurement.
  • Now measure your widest area of jawline that should be 1 inch down from your ears.
  • Measure your face width and select the larger number from two measurements mean forehead width and jawline width.
  • Measure length down to your center of the face, from center of the hairline to chin.
  • If you need an exact length of your face, you need some additional measuring steps from your cheekbones to below your jawline.

All these measurements will help to discover your exact face shape. Now after finding everything about your face shape, it’s time to find the perfect safety glasses for your small face. The glasses that will change your personality and will give you a new look.

Perfect length for small faces:

Now, you have your complete face measurement. You can easily select the correct frame for your face. For example, for 110 mm to 125 mm face measurement, you need 115 mm to 129 mm frame. For the perfect frame, you need the following measurements.

  • Frame width
  • Lens width
  • Lens height
  • Bridge
  • Temple's arms

A small face means you have small width and length, so you need eyeglasses that could fit exact measurements. In some situations, you may find that you have a narrow face more than the width of your face. On the contrary, you have a short face means your face has a small length overall.

Best eyewear for small faces:

People who have small faces find almost shorter lenses safety eyewear for creating the illusion a bigger face height overall. This face shape is very common among teens, women, and children, yet sometimes men also included in this face shape. Oversized frames or aviator style frames are not much flattering, they become even more prominent. Extra thick frame is not suitable because they will give you a smaller face look. For small faces, the rectangle frames will give you a bold statement.

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