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Top Prescription Safety Glasses for Swimming in 2024

Top Prescription Safety Glasses for Swimming in 2024

If you’re an avid water sports fan, an eye accessory that helps perform at your level best should be a no-brainer. Modern safety eyewear standards have allowed things to become more cutting-edge & provide a greater range of safety aspects without compromising on aesthetics. Swimming involves maintaining a proper focus during your performance which can only be done if you’ve put on the right eye accessory. It’s always good to know about basic essential features that your protective eyewear should include for a superior optical experience. Here are a few options that you might want to give a try.


Wiley X Tide

Easily one of the ideal safety sunglasses for sports, Wiley X Tide brings a great set of features for unmatched performance. These glasses offer almost everything that you could as out of your go-to eyewear for water sports. This is why Wiley X remains a standout among other sunglasses that simply don’t measure up to its level.

Right off the bat, you get polarized lenses that offer the best of both protection & awe-inspiring looks. With Wiley X’s signature Filter 8 technology, water sports enthusiasts can enjoy hydrophobic coating. It essentially prevents the water drops from staying on the surface of your lens, letting them slide down the surface thus providing a crystal-clear vision at all times. Thus, having a hydrophobic coating is paramount for swimmers to experience a crystal clear vision at all times of their performance.

Another great feature is the removable foam gasket that comes along with glasses offered in the Climate Control series by Wiley X. It helps to prevent any moisture, wind, or dust from entering your eyes. This acts as a firm bulwark to prevent droplets of water from creeping through any perforations of your glasses. You can even attach an elastic strap that lets your glasses have a firm grip on your face. Putting a strap on the back provides extra grip without actually sacrificing comfort.


Wiley Gravity

Feel free to add prescription lenses in these frames for enhanced visual acuity. Don’t forget that all Wiley X Safety Glasses are ANSI Z87.1 rated for enhanced safety assurance. To enjoy shatterproof protection, get polycarbonate lenses. Not only are more scratch-resistant than plastic lenses but they guarantee a much clearer vision as well. Moreover, Anti-scratch coating will ensure that your lenses last longer than usual.

The frame’s wraparound shape provides a greater peripheral view. You’ll enjoy the sporty aesthetic offered by these glasses which will add a sharp look to your overall appearance. To prevent the frames from slipping forward, the rubber-injected temple tips help a great deal in providing a solid grip on your face.

There are four distinct colors that you get; Matte Black, White, Grey & Brown Crystal. Overall, Wiley X Gravity is an easy choice for every water sports fan who is on the lookout for high-grade protection & vision correction.

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