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Top Reasons Why You Should Wear Sports Safety Sunglasses

Top Reasons Why You Should Wear Sports Safety Sunglasses

It’s no secret that sunglasses are an essential eye accessory that most of us wear to protect our eyes whenever we step outside in the sun. Moreover, modern standards have allowed sunglasses to lean more towards having an aesthetic appearance rather than providing a set of features that offer sufficient safety assurance for the eyes.

Sports-related injuries are more common than you think. According to the Vision Council of America, more than half a million eye injuries occur during sports. Even worse, eye injuries are deemed as the leading cause of blindness among kids & teens. Hence, you need something that can equally work as Sports RX Eyeglasses & regular sunglasses without compromising on their visual appeal.

  • Superior Durability

Regular sunglasses are simply no match when it comes to the robustness of high-grade sports eyewear such as Wiley X Safety Glasses. At any given moment when performing during sports, your eyes can be subjected to an instance of blunt trauma or any other high-impact accident which could leave you permanently blinded. Hence, more the reason to wear protective eyewear that provides you with shatterproof confidence. There are a number of high-quality brands such as 3M & WileyX which offer ANSI Z87.1 rated protection. ANSI approval is absolutely necessary for your eyewear to

  • RX Option For Vision Correction

You can add prescription lenses if you’re someone who requires some sort of vision correction in their eyeglasses. Ordinary sunglasses may check the right boxes in terms of aesthetics but their functionality remains in question. In contrast, Prescription Safety Glasses provide the best of both protection & visual acuity for anyone who wants to enjoy their pursuits without thinking about how to keep their eyes protected.

  • Comfort & Aesthetics

For sports, you might want to give the wraparound shape a try due to it’s greater lateral vision which offers a wider range of view. Moreover, they also offer sporty aesthetics which are a great option for the style-conscious people or anyone in general who wants to look good during their performance. Wraparound shape is often preferred by sports athletes due to its functionality.

When it comes to comfort, top-drawer brands as 3M Protective Eyewear ensure a snug-fitting which doesn’t cause any sort of discomfort even when you wear them for long hours.

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