Where Can I Buy Safety Side Shields for Prescription Glasses?

Where Can I Buy Safety Side Shields for Prescription Glasses?

Many prescription safety glasses that are not in the wraparound form are available with either permanent or removable side shields. Most of them come with permanent side shields.

Side shields for prescription eyewear:

Safety glasses with permanent or removable side shields have become very uncommon due to the latest technology of wraparound style eyeglasses. Suppose, you are interested in eyewear that is not in the wraparound design or the eyewear in a wraparound style not available for prescription specs. You need a safety side shield for your hazards to the workplace.

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Side shields are disliked by many people because they have heard that wraparound design is a better option than side shields. But it is not perfect for all occasions. People consider flat lenses are a better option than a curved lens for RX safety glasses. Because wraparound curve lenses provide a distortion vision than flat lenses and hardly people get used to of theses wraparound lenses eyewear. Another important thing is this, most of the prescription eyewear is available with fixed safety side shields. These shields are attached permanently with the help of rivet or a nut.

Considered things before purchasing eyewear with side shields:

  • Flat frames with the fixing of side shields have better optics option and can adjust more prescription power than wraparound frames. You can get online RX eyeglasses either in wraparound style or with side shields.
  • Many safety glasses come with permanent side shields that are attached with a rivet or nut. The side shields that are attached with a hex nut or rivet can easily be separated by unscrewing the nut. But for hazards places, side shields are more important than wraparound because of some people do visual complaint.
  • Flat frames of plastic material have built side shields with the temple arms and they are fixed in well-enough that no one can notice them as side shields.
  • Safety eyewear with detachable side shields come with well enough attach side shield that doesn’t come off easily. But it would be a better idea to buy safety glasses with permanently attaching side shields rather than replaceable ones.

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If you want a lightweight frame, you can notice the weight of your eyeglasses without side shields will be less weight. So for this reason, wraparound frames are a better option rather than side shields. But for this, optics and safety should be completely comparable.

Everyone knows that ANSI safety glasses are worn at the worksite either working in industrial area, office or at home. Where you should not focus your style rather than safety. If don’t want to keep more than two eyewear, always purchase prescription safety glasses with side shields. It is also a good option to go with a wraparound frame rather than a flat frame with side shields because they protect your eyes in a better way.

Where to get side shields?

There are many online and offline store for the purchasing of side shields for prescription eyewear. It depends on Brands as well because every brand provides its side shields for their eyeglasses. Some standard size side shields are also available that can adjust with all standard size frames.

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