Where to Get RX Safety Glasses?

Where to Get RX Safety Glasses?

For anyone who wears RX safety glasses while performing any activities, they need certified safety glasses. But if you don’t have a pair of protective specs, you can fall victim to eye injuries. But it doesn’t mean, you purchase large ugly shape protective specs that should fit over your glasses and you just look like a silly guy. One option you have, you just go down to your local retailer and get prescription eyewear, but mostly they have limited option of protective frames. Eye safety is vital, no matter in what situation, you are working. You should be more careful when the matter is of eyes protection in order to avoid any serious eye injury. Protective specs are almost unavoidable for everyone who works in a harmful industrial work environment.


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Rx Safety Glasses Online:

There are many places from where you can get US safety Rx glasses but Eyeweb is the most popular place. Because they have huge choices of safety specs whether you want to get for prescription or non-prescription protective eyewear. There even you can get prescription goggles for snowing and other water sports. If you want to get safety glasses for your work level protection, you should concern to your company’s safety officer. Actually, they would decide for you, what type of job duties and what kind of safety you need. Some jobs need goggles, side shields, or even some time need full-face protection. I work independently, protect your eyes by selecting high impact and ANSI certified protective glasses.

Why Do you Need Safety Eyewear?

Suppose you are involving in such activity that you need Rx prescription safety glasses; chances can happen that your eyes are in great danger. Particularly, your eyes in danger, if you are doing such activity without any protective glasses. According to the Department of Labor’s Statistics, 1,000 people from their job place get eye injuries per day. The Prevent Blindness America’s states that more than 700,000 get eye injuries by their occupation, 125,000 eye injuries happen at home, and 40, 000 kids and adults in America get injuries while sports. Protective eyewear is not limited for work use only, you can use them at home and for any outdoor activities.


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How Safety Specs are Different from Standard Glasses?

Safety specs are made with the top quality standard than your standard glasses. High impact standard is not limited for lenses but frames and goggles are well-involved in these categories. Pentax safety glasses work well for all activities in which you need safety glasses. It doesn’t matter how much durable standard glasses you have, still, you need to order some specific safety frames with your prescription lenses. You need to get all types of safety specs frames and lenses according to ANSI safety standard criteria.


How safety specs are Tested?

All protective glasses are passed through test whether they are even made on high impact standard. These tests include:

  • High Mass Impact:


This test has a steel projectile that has 17.6 ounces’ weight pass by a tube with a weight of 50 inches on both of lenses that are attached in the frame. The frame is fixed with an artificial head as someone has worn. For passing criteria of this test is, the lenses should no pieces come off in the inner part of the frame which holds the lenses.

  • Durability:


In this test, the frames should go for an inflammability-resistance test, corrosion resistance test, and other multiple durability tests.

  • High-velocity Impact:


For completing this test, a steel ball is shot at a speed of 150 feet per second at the safety lenses from a distance of 10 inches. The test is passed through many distances and from many angles for proving the test.



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How can See the Safety Standard on your Safety Eyewear?

The latest standard of all safety glasses was issued by the American National Standards Institute that is also known as ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard. That replaced the previous standard Z87.1-2003. According to this standard, all safety specs like UVEX Rx safety glasses should have the safety manufacturing mark like a “+” sign. Suppose if you purchase protective glasses from Walmart Vision Centre, you will see on top of the lens corner, there will be a “WM+” sign that sigh shows the high impact resistance. For frame safety, there would be a sign marked like Z87+ that will be on the side of the frame.


Final words:

If you are familiar with all safety terms, there is no strange because people getting awareness day by day for their eyes. But in any case still you have any confusion, don’t hesitate to let us know at service@eyeweb․com. We are here to help you with 24 hours.

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