Why are safety glasses important? - Benefits & Features

Why are safety glasses important? - Benefits & Features

In the workplace, eye injuries are common and in most of the case, these are avoidable. Most the eye injuries occur due to unaware of the importance of safety glasses at the workplace. Our bone structure of face protects eyes from major objects and eyelashes protect from small objects. But still, eyes are at high risk of injuries. Eye injuries are a serious matter of concern because it is not related to an eye injury, but it can cause of loss vision. Hudson safety glasses are easy to use tool that is available for the prevention of eye injuries.

Benefits of safety glasses:

  • Safety glasses can keep away small objects entering into eyes.
  • Safety glasses are heat resistant and can protect from flame and sparks.
  • They protect from chemical splashes.
  • Never forget to wear safety glasses, when you are working at some certain hazardous area.

Features of branded safety glasses:

  • Safety glasses are not like regular eyeglasses so they should have impact resistant frames and lenses for greater protection.
  • ANSI is an American safety organization that sets the safety standard for all manufacturing eyewear products. That ’s why lenses and frames of safety eyewear should be ANSI certified.
  • Mostly safety spectacles are made by polycarbonate material that is much strong, durable, and impact resistant than standard eyewear.
  • Safety eyewear is for the eyes safety, so right fit for the entire area is crucial for their protection.
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