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Why High-index Lenses Are So Overpriced

Why High-index Lenses Are So Overpriced

What are High-index Lenses?

High-index lenses are a blessing for those consumers who have a strong prescription. They require less physical stuff to make RX safety glasses lenses. Due to this reason, they are considerably lighter and thinner than the same prescription cut of regular plastic or glass. You may use your choice frame with these high-index lenses. But the best thing the magnification distortion that can reduce the effect of a tiny eye or bug-eye can be reduced. They are a fairly recent term that gives the best optical solution. The lenses have a great tendency to bend light. With higher index value gives the greatest capability to bend light. Forgetting high-index lenses for your new pair of eyewear visit EyeWeb.

What is a High Index Value?

The index value is referred to as the effectiveness of bending light. The light is better refracted with the help of a higher index value. Safety optical glasses lenses refract the light before reaching the eyes to focus the image on the retina. For farsighted prescriptions, they have concave lenses that push the light in the center of the lens. While with nearsightedness, the lenses are curved to bend the light toward the bottom, top, or to the retina.

The regular lenses of glass or plastic usually have low index values approximately 1.5 which makes them thicker. But index values of high-index lenses range from 1.67-1.74 and this thing makes them thinner. But this reason makes them more expensive than regular lenses. They are manufactured by different stuff that has high-quality refraction properties. The lens curvature with thin safety eyewear glasses lenses is the main reason that people are switching to higher index lenses.

Reasons for Overpricing:

The price with all benefits is not well and in its most drawbacks, its cost is obvious.

  • The material that is used for making the lens is expensive than plastic or polycarbonate which is used in standard lenses. The material and technology that is used to make high-index lenses make them costlier.
  • High-index lenses have less scope of error and they are very thin with 0.1 variance and lenses can be discarded at any test stage. Due to this reason, the lab has to make more lenses for accessing an exact prescription.
  • The material that is used in prescription safety glasses lenses has less availability and is produced in a lesser amount. That is the reason to make them expensive as well.

The waste raw material factor is another reason for affecting the price. Miner error is even cannot be ignored. For more details about high-index lenses, read the below articles that will help you.

Why Raw Material is Wasted:

This may not be too much with 0.1 variances, but as take it in millimeters, it can create a lot of difference. If a high-index lens has a difference of 0.01 millimeters, the prescription will not be correct and that will be redone. Due to the deeper and stronger properties of high-index stuff, it becomes more difficult to cut accurately. So multiple attempts are made before getting a perfect piece. Wasted material makes a high cost and automatically that thing is passed to the consumer in the form of the high cost. Now, you can get online prescription eyewear with any lens power.

All the above-described reasons make these lenses more expensive than common lenses. If you want high-index lenses for your new pair, must consult your doctor to get exact information.

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