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Why Rx Safety Glasses Are Better Than Contacts for Athletes

Why Rx Safety Glasses Are Better Than Contacts for Athletes

Some athletes do lean more towards sporting a glasses-free look during their performance. However, this poses a set of problems. Simply put, contacts are in no way a complete substitute for all the protective features that are offered by RX safety eyeglasses. However, if you’re still stuck on buying contact lenses, this article can help you.


Choose GP Contacts Instead

Gas permeable or GP contacts are a better option for those who require some sort of vision correction in their eyewear. it offers an array of benefits as:

  • No Dry Eyes

As opposed to normal RX contacts, GP ones don’t block oxygen. This means you could wear them for as long as you like without experiencing any discomfort.


  • Debris Free

GP contacts don’t accumulate any dust or debris that may be collected over time otherwise with normal contacts. This means they stay cleaner for longer hours which is a great option for athletes who have to spend long hours’ outdoors such as golfers or cricketers.


  • Enhanced Visual Acuity

They are made out of high-quality elements which make them more viable in terms of providing accurate vision. Moreover, the shape is done in such a way to provide a firm grip that doesn’t let the lens slide away easily.


Do Contacts Beat Wearing Safety Eyewear?

The simple answer is, no. Putting on contacts is simply not suitable in sports involving hazards as high-speed projectiles or a lot of physical contacts which causes inadvertent finger pokes in the eye. This calls for a solid overlay that provides sufficient protection against any trauma-inducing accident. High-end protective eyewear as 3M Safety Glasses is ANSI Z87.1 rated which guarantees a high impact resistance via shatterproof protection that is suitable for a variety of physical activities. This is because of the polycarbonate material used in making the lenses which makes them strong enough to withstand blunt trauma accidents without cracking or shattering. On the other hand, any type of contact is simply not enough to do the same job.


Should I Get Sports Eyewear Then?

It all depends if your sport does entail instances where you could injure your eyes as a result of an eye poke or due to any other physical trauma, getting a reliable pair of protective eyeglasses is a no brainer. Wiley X Safety Glasses offer an excellent range of sports eyewear exclusively made for athletes for enhanced performance and seamless visual experience. Buying branded eyewear would offer greater returns on your money in terms of investment for your eyes.


Most eyeglasses also come with an elastic strap that you could use if you think the temples aren’t doing the job of keeping the eyeglasses on your face. Another fantastic feature is the hundred percent protection against UV A & B types of rays which is nonexistent in contact lenses. Hence, it all makes sense to wear protective eyeglasses instead of contacts due to the wide range of advantages they offer on the table.

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