Why Safety Prescription Safety Glasses Are Curve?

Why Safety Prescription Safety Glasses Are Curve?

Prescription glasses with curved lenses:

Many people don’t consider an exact science of prescription safety glasses, in some ways they are right. The prescription numbers are not exact guidelines and there is a strict way to get this prescription number. In some cases, suppose two people have the same number but both feel completely different when they wear the same number. One feels comfortable and others feel uncomfortable even cannot wear more than a few minutes. This example doesn’t belong to exaggeration.

As you order for designer prescription glasses for a wraparound frame, the difference is great. Wraparound frames that are used in sunglasses, safety glasses, and motorcycle eyewear. They are made with special care for making sure that the patient can see well and very comfortable with these glasses. Few people cannot use to for prescription wraparound eyewear like those people who cannot used to progressive lenses.

Follow good guidelines before ordering prescription wraparound eyewear online:

  • Each eye has different prescription power and is measured by the sphere and cylinder strength together. For example, -2.00 sphere and -2.25 cylinder of the right eye and that is equal to -4.25 power.
  • A base curve of lenses is described as the amount of curvature of the front lens. Generally, the front of the lens doesn’t alter while the prescription process. All lenses power works on the back and side facing of eyes.
  • Higher base curve is more curved lenses. a zero base curve is completely flat as from the front of the safety eyewear. A base curve of with is the standard for wraparound lenses of sports glasses.
  • If you are deciding for order prescription eyewear with a wraparound frame, you can expect that prescription will be made on curved lenses either 6 or 8 base. If your complete prescription power in one or of both eyes and after adding the range is out of -4.00 to +3.00. With this range, you are at great risk for adopting the wraparound lenses.
  • Prescription power between -6.00 and +4.00 cannot be physically done in a high base curve, depend on prescription. In the end, if a prescription is done, you will be adjusted with these lenses.
  • People who have a prescription with the high cylinder cannot adjust wraparound lenses frames.
  • Even with a prism, people are not allowed to use wraparound frames and generally, specs with prism lenses look strange or awkward with wraparound frames.
  • If you never wear wraparound frames before or have decided to apply this, it is a good precaution. You will not be adjusted with a wraparound prescription.

If you are very conscious whether your prescription will work with a wraparound frame or not. It is a better idea to consult with a doctor and he will be able to tell whether the wraparound frame is right for you or not. Sometimes, many people who have low prescription power, they find that the wraparound frame doesn’t suit them. It is not a matter of lack of flexibility. It is an inexplicable problem that can occur individually different. However, there is no solid explanation, but it can happen with ocular muscles or vision issue that can happen inside the brain. Anyhow whatever the reason, some people cannot adjust with wraparound frames.

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