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Can High Definition Lenses Correct Vision Irregularities?

Can High Definition Lenses Correct Vision Irregularities?

You are getting 20/20 vision of your current eyeglasses but still, you are unhappy about viewing. You might need high-definition lenses for this error. A higher-order aberration can affect your vision. This higher-order aberration is a complex refractive error than farsighted, nearsighted, and astigmatism.

High-order cannot be corrected with regular contact lenses or Prescription Safety Glasses. High-order aberrations are not a common name like comma, trefoil and spherical aberration. With these aberrations, you cannot see at night and glare. It depends on your qualities of vision. No one has perfect vision.

Everyone can have some degree of higher order aberration. If your doctor diagnosed you with higher order aberration, you may not need to serious until and unless it can cause to serious vision symptoms.


With new advanced technology, many eyewear manufacturers have made possible of high definition eyeglasses lens for correct vision. These eyeglasses lens has a sharper vision that you could not get from regular eyeglasses. These eyeglass lenses are made for reducing the glare at night driving and for other night vision task.

High definition lenses are available in the high index, photochromic, and progressive lenses as well. UVEX safety glasses are also coming with high definition lenses for all prescription lenses. If you are buying high-definition lenses, you should be careful about anti-reflect coating. They should eliminate the distracting reflection.

Freeform lenses

The popular kind of high definition lenses is called free-form lenses. This advanced manufacturing process helps in reducing the high-order aberration like spherical aberration. This spherical aberration is created in traditional RX safety glasses lens. The production of higher definition lenses is adjusted with computer controlled equipment. This process is more precise than a conventional tool.


The manufacturing of some digital free-form lenses is even taken into accounts the positioned of the lenses in the eyeglasses frame. Form this process they are able to view the angle of seeing of eye wearer eyes. This is done for the precise lens power and clearest vision. Pentax safety glasses are also made according to these rules.

The manufacturing of high definition lenses is done by taking under consideration of above all factors. The high definition lenses are able to reduce mostly higher order aberrations than regular eyeglasses lens. These reduce aberrations halos and comet-shaped troubles view of light at night vision task.

Are you recommended for higher definition lenses

The higher definition lenses give you a sharper vision. But it has been noticed that high-definition eyeglass lenses are perfect for those who have insignificant prescriptions. If you have 20/20 vision, you feel disturbance due to glare at night, these eyeglasses lens are perfect for you. You can order online RX eyeglasses of any famous brand. If you are not happy with your current eyewear for clarity, you can ask from your doctor for higher definition lenses. Because these lenses give a sharper view.

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