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CVI Literacy Awareness Month & Interesting Eyewear Variety

CVI Literacy Awareness Month & Interesting Eyewear Variety


April is CVI Literacy Awareness Month. Literacy is different for students with cortical vision impairment (CVI). This requires a different approach. We aim to increase awareness about the needs of children with CVI in each phase and to share information and strategies that can be used to support families, teachers, and other professionals who work with them.


What is CVI?


Cerebral vision impairment, also known as cortical vision impairment, is a condition that results from damage to parts of the brain responsible for processing vision. Usually, this condition occurs among infants & young children as well as adults. CVI is a condition in which a child's vision problems are not explained by problems with their eyes. The brain converts electrical signals from the eyes into images. CVI is a condition in which your brain has difficulty processing and understanding these signals.


CVI is one of the leading causes of vision impairment in children all over the world. Some children with CVI see improvement over time. However, everyone is different. Make sure your child receives early intervention, therapy, education support, and any other special services that will help him or her learn and develop.


Five Facts About CVI


  • This is one of the most common cause of visual impairment in children.
  • It is the most common cause of congenital vision loss (vision loss at birth), in the United States.
  • Children with healthy eyes may have trouble processing what they see.
  • Children may display unusual visual behaviors that are common in cases of brain damage.
  • This condition is usually diagnosed when the abnormal visual response can't be attributed solely to the eyes.


Individuals and families with CVI must advocate for CVI every day and demand access to life-changing services. CVI is a top cause for childhood blindness. CVI isn't new. It's often misunderstood, and misdiagnosed, and it's not uncommon. CVI affects every aspect of our lives. CVI sufferers need meaningful, accessible learning to achieve independence and success. CVI individuals are not unteachable, we know this.


Call to Action:


CVI (cortical/cerebral vision impairment) is the leading cause of blindness among children. We know that many children with CVI can have improved functional vision and develop the skills that will help them thrive.


CVI is a brain-based vision impairment that affects infants, children, and adults. This has created a crisis in the health and education system. Many children with CVI are misdiagnosed and mislabeled. They are mostly recognized as unteachable and untreatable. Our children deserve better. Systems must be changed immediately.


CVI patients have the right to a prompt diagnosis, effective vision services, and educational programs. Every person, regardless of their zip code or how severe their CVI is, has the right access to services and opportunities that will enable them to achieve their full potential.


The magnitude of the problem ahead of us grows as we gain more knowledge about CVI. CVI research and support will make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and provide the foundation for cutting-edge treatment and research for future generations.


CVI is a challenge that requires us to take bold actions. The potential impact of our actions cannot be ignored. CVI sufferers must take immediate action to ensure they have all the support they need to live their best life.


CVI is at a crucial moment. We are at the edge of great change. Somehow, the world is taking on the CVI challenge and striving hard to support the children and their families through straightforward actions in assessment and collaboration at all levels. We will collaborate with and learn from our peers who are taking on the CVI challenge. All the people should come together and create something exciting and bold. CVI affects every child. Every family deserves the support and hope they need.


Importance of Safety Glasses for Kids


Children are especially vulnerable to injury, especially on the face. Safety glasses, especially for children's eyes, are designed to protect the face and help with everyday activities. Safety is often overlooked by children when they are having fun. Adults must keep an eye on children who play rough and ensure their safety. Outdoor activities are incomplete without protective glasses for children. Prescription safety glasses for children are the most in demand.


Prescription Safety Glasses: Why are Prescription Safety Glasses so Important for Children?


Prescription safety glasses act as a shield for children's eyes. They can be worn all day without causing any eye damage. These glasses are safe for your eyes. Prescription glasses protect your eyes and clear vision.
Two layers make up prescription safety glasses. The protection shield is the top layer of these glasses. It's strong and provides safety. The lens below is for corrective vision. This way, you can have clear vision and safety. Two lenses or glasses can be combined into one frame.

To protect your eyes, you can wear safety glasses or contact lenses for adults. Prescription safety glasses are best for children.


Here are some Tips to Help you Buy the Perfect Prescription Safety Glasses for your Child


First, it is important to consider whether the prescription will require a thin or thick lens. This will determine the type of frame one should choose. This is because the thicker the lens, it distorts the edges, which can cause vision problems for the child. An optician should recommend the best frame for such a lens. The frame should be as small as possible.


It is important to remember that the frame must be liked by the child so that they can wear it at school. It should be as "cool" and sober as the child would choose. Avoid buying frames for children that are too expensive or inappropriate. Avoid lenses that darken outdoors. It is important to convince the child to wear safety glasses, while also making it appear that nothing has changed.


The child should be considered first when choosing the frame's material. If the child is sensitive, it might be worth buying a delicate, expensive frame. If the child is into outdoor sports and games more often, we should consider buying plastic or fiber frames that are more durable. A child might also ask his dad for the same frames he wears to make him more mature.


It is important to remember that young children have small noses and can cause safety glasses to fall off their faces if there is a gap between the nose fittings of safety glasses eyewear. Most manufacturers have corrected this issue and have also reduced the gap in the plastic frames.


When choosing protective eyewear, lens materials are important. Shatter-proof lenses are more durable than standard plastic lenses. This makes them ideal for safety and sports eyewear. These lenses offer superior eye protection and greater comfort.


Where to Get the Best Kids Safety Glasses and Prescription Safety Glasses:


Many online eyeglasses stores are working in the market but all of them are not capable of providing you with the highest quality safety glasses. That’s why, you should go for the one that offers authentic and authorized glasses. EYEWEB is one of the most proficient and experienced online glasses retailers that can help you get the best kids' safety glasses at affordable prices. We also have a large range of prescription safety glasses available for every face shape. You can get these eyeglasses at economical prices without facing any hassles. We have an easy-to-order process and long warranties to ensure complete customer convenience. Some of our best frames are listed below:


Armourx 7011


ArmourX 7011 gives your vehicle a unique look with its sturdy lines and distinctive colors. It is made from lightweight, durable titanium. ArmourX 7011 has spring hinges and bent temples. A rubber nose pad provides additional comfort. Side shields are scratch-resistant and meet ANSI Z87.2 safety standards for high mass and high-velocity impact resistance. They also comply with CSA Z94.3 protection criteria. ArmourX 7011 is a great choice to redefine your style.

Artcraft WF434AM


ArtCraft wf434am safety glasses are durable and feature a lightweight stainless-steel frame. This material is durable and strong. The rectangular shape is flattering on all face shapes. These glasses can be used with progressive lenses. This unique combination of single bridge design and bent temple tips gives these glasses a fashionable look that is hard to miss. The side shield can be removed to protect against dirt, dust, and flying objects. Side shields are resistant to chemicals and impact. They conform to the ANSI Z87.2 standard for high-mass, high-velocity impact resistance, and CSA Z94.3 protection criteria. You can choose from matte black or matte coffee. ArtCraft wf434am prescription safety sunglasses are made for people who move.


DVX Safety Glasses


The Hilco SG 105 has a full rim frame which exudes a distinctive style. It is durable, lightweight, and absorbs impact. These glasses are a modified oval shape which complements most face shapes. All types of progressive lenses are compatible with the frame. The glasses have removable side shields which block any material from entering the eye, including dirt, dust, and irritants in the air. These side shields are resistant to lens cleaning chemicals and scratch-resistant. Rubberized temple tips and nose pads reduce pressure, ensuring all-day comfort. These safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.2 standards for high-velocity and high-mass impact resistance and CSA Z94.3 protection criteria. You can choose from tortoise or brown and black. Hilco SG 105 is a great choice for those looking for classic designs.




For those looking for an everyday pair that is both durable and distinctive, the classic Onguard 076 might be a good choice. The rubber temple tips and rubber nose pads feature iconic design elements. The 076 is made from durable titanium with spring hinges. It has a secure fit through the curved temples. This ensures your specs are in place all day. For a secure fit, Onguard glasses are compliant with ANSI Z87.1 safety standards for high mass and high-velocity impact resistance. They also have rubber nose pads and temple tips that are rubberized. You can choose from a variety of colors.



Pentax Alpha


The Pentax Alpha metal frame is a full-rim frame front with bent rubber temple tips. It can be adjusted to your face as you like. These oval-shaped frames can be worn during long work hours thanks to their adjustable nose pads. These glasses meet ANSI Z87.2 safety standards for high-velocity and high-mass impact resistance. Pentax glasses are equipped with side shields that can be removed to clean lenses and are impact-resistant.


Artcraft WF436AM


This Artcraft ef436am eyewear is a part of the stainless-steel collection for women. They are available in two matte options: matte slate and matte coffee blur. These groovy frames are classic in design with rectangular lenses. The temples of these glasses are adjusted with spring hinges so they don't sit too close to your head. Perfectly complying with ANSI Z87.2 standards for resisting high-velocity and high-mass impact, as well as fulfilling EN 166 safety standards and CSA Z94.3 protection criteria. These eyeglasses have removable side shields that protect your eyes from dirt, dust, and other irritants in the air. For more durability, these side shields and lenses are resistant to scratches and can be cleaned without any fear through lens cleaning chemicals. All types of progressive lenses are compatible with the eyewear. These eyeglasses are lightweight, striking, and fashionable.


Artcraft WF832SS


Artcraft WF 832SS frames are fashionable. The wf832ss features wide temples and lightweight acetate designs. The safety glasses are made with spring hinges, which ensure durability and a snug fit. To make them stand out, they are available in two colors. Rectangular lenses are timeless and will be a favorite. They are compliant with ANSI Z87.2 standards, which provide high-velocity and high-mass impact resistance. Side shields can be removed and protect glasses from dirt, dust, and other airborne irritants. These side shields can be cleaned with lens-cleaning chemicals and are scratch-resistant. Compatible with all types of progressive lenses ArtCraft wf832ss frames are lightweight and durable.


Final Words:


CVI Literacy Awareness Month is a time to get CVI literacy. Know about the technicalities involved and check a complete range for kids' safety glasses as well only at Eyeweb.

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